PAW HELP UK is fully established rescue. We are helping UK surrendered dogs to find their new forever homes. Also we are THE ONLY RESCUE IN GREAT BRITAIN which helps dogs from most difficult to help countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus: countries forgotten by all other rescues, same time where there is highest level of unpunished human cruelty toward pets and thousands of abandoned dogs.

There is NO OTHER rescue in UK, who was or is helping dogs from Ukraine. And we know why : it is easy just to pick up stray dogs in EU country, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, etc (those countries, which have thousands of stray dogs), vaccinate and in a 3 weeks to bring it to UK (21 day after Rabies vaccine is enough under EU/GB regulations), even if those countries are not Rabies free. Plus, very easy documentation pack to import from EU. While ALL dogs from Ukraine have to spend in rescue not less than 3-4 months (Rabies quarantine), get socialised, treated, get assessed and are overall MUCH MORE qualitative for adoption, what make us positively different.

PAWs are not registered charity yet, but all our work is charitable and non-profit, run by volunteers on non-paid positions.

Paw Help UK mission is to help as many dogs in need as possible and to find reliable forever homes for rescue pets with no regard to their age, health, temperament, breed and history. All dogs coming from Paw Help UK are fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered (subject of age and medical conditions). All of them deserve to live beyond the walls of the shelter, to become happy: something what they haven’t known before, being betrayed and abandoned by previous owners, or born on the street,  struggling for food and warmth in cold winters.

Adoption Fee covers the costs of bringing animals from their native countries to UK (travel costs, documents, tests, customs duties, brokers, etc.) and contribution we send to local rescues to support vaccinations, neutering and medical treatment for dogs in need (£50 pounds from each overseas adopted dog).

PAWS support many dogs with special needs arrived and cared in UK, those, who didn’t have any chances to find home in their countries. PAWS are covering all the costs for bringing those dogs to UK, their rehoming, medical treatment in UK.  Any dog deserves to be rescued and to have loving home.  The total medical bills covered by PAWS in 2021 were over £15 thousands and in 2022-2023 period that’s over £40 thousands.  And this the other thing what makes us very different to most of other rescues, who do not  give much a support for adopted/fostered dogs and families.

This is what we call RESCUE SUPPORT. PAWS are more than a rescue. Paws are a family.

All dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered (subject of age and medical condition). Paw Help UK provides livelong RBU (Rescue BackUp) and full post-adoption support and advice.

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