ADELE – 5 months old puppy girl -Small size

ADELE is a delightful, small puppy girl, aged around 5 months. She currently measures 36 cm and weighs 9 kilos, with an anticipated adult size of approximately 45 cm and 12 kg.

This cheerful and playful sweetheart adores humans, gets along well with other dogs, and even tolerates cats!

Rescued as a tiny pup near a shop in a small village, ADELE has spent the last 3 months with a foster family, including dogs, cats, and kids. Now, she’s eagerly awaiting her forever home

ADELE is an active, joyful companion who simply loves being around people. Despite her playful nature, she’s not overly hyperactive and enjoys nothing more than hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

Looking for a furry friend to join your family adventures? ADELE is the perfect fit! Whether it’s walks in the park or playtime at home, she’s ready to spread joy and love. Plus, we’re here to offer plenty of training tips and advice.

ADELE comes with a clean bill of health, complete with a full vaccination pack and microchip. While she’s not yet spayed due to her young age, she’ll come with a neuter agreement. Additionally, she’ll arrive with a C.Brucella test from a licensed laboratory.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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