Already in UK: FAINA- small 7 yo girl–smooth fox terrier- Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

Meet FAINA, very loving, smart, beautiful and joyful smooth fox terrier (or cross) small size girl.  Location: Burton on Trent DE15

SIZE: Small (38 cm shoulder height, 8 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Affectionate, playful, energetic
DOGS: Good with, but can be boisterous and too active with small dogs
CATS: Untested
CHILDREN: Loves kids, very playful and cuddly with them

Rescue Story:
FAINA was never a stray dog and doesn’t have the trauma of stray survival. Her story, however, is still sad. Her happy life as a home pet was interrupted by the sudden death of her owner, and in one day, she became an orphan. The relatives didn’t want to keep her and brought her to a shelter. It’s hard to describe how stressful and sad it is for ex-home pet to suddenly find themselves in a shelter, not understanding why their happy life has been upended and why their beloved owner isn’t coming back. Fortunately, a foster place became available, and now, in a home environment, FAINA is waiting for her new home.

Detailed Information:
FAINA is housetrained and knows how to walk on a leash. At 7 years old, she is not old, as smooth fox terriers have a long lifespan. This is equivalent to about 35 human years, one of the best ages when a dog is wise enough and not too hyper, yet still active and joyful. FAINA loves life and enjoys long walks; she is full of energy and very human-oriented. She is very affectionate, loves to sit on laps, and always wants to be near her humans. FAINA adores kids, loves to play and cuddle with them, and seems to become younger when playing with children. She enjoys playing with other dogs but can sometimes dominate smaller dogs and is guarding her food, though she is not attacking and just gives signal to keep boundaries. She has not been tested with cats. FAINA has a well-balanced temperament without being hyperactive.

FAINA is a bundle of joy and affection, ready to bring endless positivity to her forever home. Her playful and loving nature makes her an ideal companion for a family who can appreciate her cheerful spirit and give her the love and care she deserves. FAINA would do best in a family that loves long walks and has children she can play and cuddle with. Could you be the one to give FAINA her happy ending?

FAINA is fully healthy, spayed, and has all core vaccines done, microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before the trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate). If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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