ALREADY IN UK: JINNA- 1 yo girl- smallish size Labrador- Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

JINNA is an active and loving 1-year-old smallish size Labrador girl. She is at Staffordshire, WS6,  available for adoption/foster-to-adopt over Britain (collection from location or sometimes part way meeting can be agreed)

SIZE: Smallish Lab size (just 52-53 cm shoulder height/17 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Human-oriented, playful, active
DOGS: Good With, but is a bit pushy and boisterous engaging to play
CATS: Untested
CHILDREN: Good with children 8+

JINNA surrendered in Ukraine due to her family fleeing the war-torn town. Despite her loving and trusting nature, she was left behind, seeking a new home where she can share her joy and affection.

JINNA is a typical young Labrador with lots of  love for human companionship and lots of playfulness. While she adores people of all ages, we recommend children over 8 years old due to her playfulness.
JINNA arrived in the UK a few weeks ago and has been placed with an experienced foster, who have large male Labrador,  for evaluation.  That’s what the Foster family says about her: ” Jinna is really lovely and gentle. She shows no aggression and loves to be in contact with you. You can take food from her and she has learned to walk nicely. She is not aggressive to dogs she meets, just wants to play. She needs a family where she can be the centre of attention.  She is safe with children who can take  her playfulness.”

Also they say that JINNA is very good with their lab, but they are different ages and different temperaments. JINNA is still a puppy, she wishes to play a lot and is trying to engage the other dog in a play in a bit pushy and boisterous manner, while the other dog wants more rest.

JINNA loves walks and adventures, requiring a decent amount of exercise every day. She will benefit greatly from living in a house with a big enough garden where she can play and burn off her energy. JINNA will perfectly suit an active family willing to provide her with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and love.
This loving and playful companion is ready to share her joy with her forever family. Give her a chance to brighten your days and become your loyal companion.

JINNA is fully healthy. Has all core vaccines done, microchipped. C.Brucella tested negative (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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