Already in UK: The Most Perfect Dog: LAPA-2.5 yo girl-upper medium-Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

LAPA is a the mosr beautiful soul any potencial owner can dram about. Medium-to-Large size: 57 cm/21-22 kilos. Spayed. Housetrained. Loving and loyal, friendly with people, with dogs. Not tested with cats. Located Chelmsford, Essex, CM1, available for adoption over Britain.

LAPA was found near Kherson after it liberation in Autumn 2022. Lonely exhausted dog, abandoned and forgotten. When Kherson was de-occupied, a lot of volunteer groups rushed there to help. And a lot of dogs in poor conditions were found on streets, whose owners either fled or were killed. Our partner rescue gave a shelter to almost 30 dogs rescued in Autumn 2022. All of them already found their homes, in Ukraine and in Europe. And only LAPA is like under a spell: nobody noticed her, sad overlooked girl.

LAPA is active and loves to play. Same time easy to calm and loves to cuddle and snooze near humans. She is friendly and playful with the other dogs. LAPA is no fault girl as soon as she will realise that she is home with her family. She can be little shy with unknown people and might need some short time, day or two, to learn they are safe. And from this moment she will not leave her owner’s site and will be most loving and kind companion for many future years. She is good with kids, but taking in account her size and possible playful excitement we would recommend older kids 12+. LAPA is still very young and loves her walks, where she can burn her energy and get so important mental enrichment.

LAPA is a healthy girl, but most likely she had pelvic fracture in past before she was found, which is completely healed now (vet just doesn’t recommend jumping games like fetch for next 6-8 months to ensure her full rehabilitation, while didn’t put any real restrictions ); spayed, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive C.Brucella laboratory tested.

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