Already in UK: POLA – 2.5 yo girl – small size-Chichuahua cross -Ukraine war dog

POLA is a sweet and gentle girl . Though she might look bigger in pictures, she is small size.

POLA is a dream dog with a gentle soul and a loving nature.  Based at Peterborough, PE1

SIZE: Small (31-32 cm height to shoulders / 7-8 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Calm, trustful, affectionate
DOGS: Very friendly
CATS: Friendly/tolerates
CHILDREN: Good with all

POLA was found at a village bus stop, being dragged around with a rope on her neck by some children who were using her as a toy. When the Rescue volunteer inquired about her, the locals confirmed that she had been abandoned and was left to fend for herself, becoming the children’s plaything. Seeing her distress and vulnerability, the volunteer immediately took her away from that place to ensure her safety and well-being.

POLA is currently in UK at Foster and that’s what Foster say about her:

“Pola is the most lovely sweet little girl who loves to play with her humans and dogs. She loves to lick your face it’s her favourite thing to do, she loves it when you stroke her chest or tummy she will guide you to where she wants your to stroke her. She loves rope toys but doesn’t understand tug of war yet so enjoys playing with them herself and is determined to cut them in half with her teeth. When she gets excited she has little quirks, she flips her head back which is so cute, she randomly mouths whatever is in front even if it’s the floor, which is interesting to watch her try. A few other quirks she has is that she stands like a meeekat when she think she’s getting food, she does know to sit and wait for a treat or her breakfast/dinner though, if you take too long though she will tell you to hurry with a little bark. When she yawns a lot of the time she makes a noise which can be funny and loud. She knows sit, paw, lay down.
Pola loves her walks but is a bit timid when it comes to putting a collar and harness on and will run away. She doesn’t not like thunderstorms. She will sit or lay with you if you are relaxing and she loves to lay in bed with you. She loves kids! And will try and greet every kid she sees on her walks, she will try and greet most adults too. She is good with other dogs shy at first but comes around eventually, she does get scared if there’s a big dog although she did become besties with a dog a lot bigger than her. When Pola gets scared she can sometimes pee. She’s a very mischievous little girl, who loves to play all day and will he good with a family who has the time and effort to work through some training and possible anxiety. Does go toilet outside but sometimes does have a tendency to pee inside on puppy pad. Wont go outside and pee you tell her to by saying “wee wees” like first thing in the morning always say to the dogs wee wees she doesn’t like to, she will go when you’re not looking. “

She is a very calm and relaxed dog who loves to be in the company of humans. Whether you’re sitting on the sofa or working at your desk, POLA will be there, quietly keeping you company. She loves to sit on laps and enjoys huddling close, providing a warm and comforting presence.

POLA is very trustful and affectionate, always eager to give and receive love. She is very kind and gets along well with everyone she meets, including children. Her human-oriented nature means she always wants to be by your side, making her the perfect companion for anyone seeking a loyal and loving friend.

POLA is fully healthy. She has all core vaccines done and is microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before the trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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