ARCHY – 8 months old boy – Small size

ARCHY is a sweet and gentle boy of about 8 months old. Currently, he is 33-35 cm in height and weighs 11 kg, and reached his adult size.

ARCHY is a typical puppy, he’s playful, full of beans and a highly intelligent!

AGE – around 7-8 months old
SIZE: Small – Medium
SPAYED/NEUTERED: Not yet – too young.
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Human-oriented, playful, toilet trained, very easy to train.
DOGS: Friendly.
CATS: Friendly.

Based in Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location / sometimes full or part way delivery can be arranged)

ARCHY is in foster in UK with 3 other dogs. Here’s what Archy’s foster family know about him so far

Archy was found abandoned on the streets, unwanted, dirty and hungry. He will never know the feeling of hunger ever again 💙

He absolutely loves playing with his other fur friends he lives with. He loves human interaction and a cuddle.

  • The the most adorable, loving, sweet, playful, cheeky boy.
  • Archy walks beautifully on a lead.
  • Archy is super gentle when taking treats, he doesn’t snatch and will sit patiently.
  • Archy is definitely full of personality.
  • Archy absolutely loves cuddles and snuggles. He has to be leaning on his humans at every opportunity.
  • Archy learns incredibly quickly and already knows sit.
  • Archy gives you his paw when your giving him cuddles and loves to have his paw in your hand.
  • Archy loves playing with the other doggo’s but also is happy to play by him self.
  • Archy is toilet trained and does all his business in the garden.
  • Archy absolutely loves his food! (I think that comes from being hungry on the streets as a young puppy)
  • Archy is very friendly and playful.
  • Archy isn’t fazed by cars, phone ringing, noise, tv, hoover.
  • Archy loves being groomed and a good brush! I think it’s the attention he loves!

ARCHY is an adorable young man, very friendly and playful. He will make a great companion for any family. He is very loving, very curious and smart. He loves absolutely everyone. Happy to meet new people, great with men, kids, new dogs, although can be shy at first soon comes out his shell.

ARCHY has been fostered with a family that includes other dogs, cats, and kids.

ARCHY is active and playful. He is very friendly but may not be very confident around new people. He really enjoys the company of other dogs and cats.

ARCHY is still puppy, so his future family needs to be ready to train and support him.

ARCHY is toilet trained and lead trained.

ARCHY is expected to grow into a gorgeous small – medium sized loving companion dog.

ARCHY has no known health issues, is not neutered (due to his early age), and has received a full vaccination pack, worm treatment, and microchipping.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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