ASA-female-2.5 yo-low medium size-Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

If you was even looking for the best kitten nanny, meet amazing ASA: fairly small kind natured girl on around 2-2,5 years old.  On pictures she looks bigger, while she is just about 45 cm/ 12-13 kilos, just perfect lower medium size. Spayed. Housetrained. Walks on a lead.

Very much human oriented, good with kids, with other dogs. But she is most remarkable for her unique love to kittens and cats, she is so gentle and so loving that heart would melt looking at them.  ASA can travel on the Happy Doggy Bus in February but only if she has a place where to go. Give her a chance.

ASA was found on a bus station of the war-damaged city of Kherson. Left behind there by those fleeing from war or just finding a spot where there are always people around, who occasionally give dogs some food.

ASA doesn’t look as a stray dog. She so many love to give, housetrained, have many good social habits proving that she raised and lived with a family. She has lots of adorable merits to make any family happy of owning her: cheerful and playful, same time calm and well balanced, always happy to please her humans, loving and affectionate. Friendly with all dogs and loves cats.

ASA has no known health issues; spayed, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive C.Brucella laboratory tested.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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