CASSY-2 yo-female-smallish size Labrador-Ukraine war dog

馃惥 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 馃惥

小ASSY is an ideal companion smallish size Yellow Labrador girl of around 2 years old. Fairly small as for Labrador size: just around 50 cm/18-19 kilos. Spayed. 聽Housetrained. Good in a car. Good on a lead. Knows basic commands.

小ASSY is the best example of her breed: being typically playful and active, same time she has very well balanced nature. Very loving, affectionate and humans oriented. Trustful and good with all humans including kids. Very friendly with other dogs, tolerate cats. ASSY can travel on the Happy Doggy Bus in February but only if she has a place where to go. Give her a chance.

小ASSY was found on motorway truck break near the border. Running between trucks, begging for food. You can see a video here how she was found. The drivers, who often stop there, said that she has been there already for two or more months. ASSY was definitely a home pet, because she is well trained, knows commands, used to a car. That鈥檚 so sad, that such an amazing girl was betrayed and abandoned this way, probably someone was trying to take her over the border, but there was something wrong with documents, so they left her on nearest break.

小ASSY is full of happiness to share with everyone she meets. Like someone said 鈥渞esilient, confident, and joyful Labrador as the Peter Pan because they see the fun in every situation and never grow up鈥. ASSY is friendly, intelligent, outgoing, and joyful companion dog. Very friendly to everyone. Good and playful with the other dogs. But we wish people understand that while Labradors are great companion and family dogs, when left alone for extended period of time, with too little exercise, they can become bored and destructive. Those traits can be channeled through adequate mental and physical exercise:聽be sure to provide your Lab with plenty of room to run and play 鈥 both inside and outside 鈥 and be ready to get active with them with a good game of fetch or even a swim. They require at least two hours of exercise a day. Labradors are very much companion and sociable dogs, they can鈥檛 cope long hours left alone at home. So if there is no one at home for long hours (like 4+ hours) or you do not have enough time to walk and play with your dog, better to choose another breed and older dog.聽聽 ASSY is wanting nothing more than to be loved, friendly and excitable when they see their humans, as well as good-natured and gentle with children and other animals.

小ASSY has no known health issues; spayed, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive C.Brucella laboratory tested.

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