ATOS 7 month old (Alfreton, DE55)

a beautiful friendly about 7 months old boy. Lab mix but much smaller size, just 48cm/ 14kilos.

 ATOS is looking for active family that will continue his training. Unfortunately current foster can’t have him as he is not getting on with resident dog which is strange as he always used to live around dogs .
That what foster say about him: ” Atos is a beautiful and loving 7 month old (approx) medium black lab cross. He has the bouncy playful nature of a lab but also the intelligence and he responds really well to training and food. Atos needs a forever home with a family that can offer lots of training and stimulation but also can ease him in slowly as he is easily overwhelmed.
Atos is amazing with children, he instantly loves them and will sit on their knee for cuddles, I would recommend a house with older children though as he is a bouncy puppy.
Atos is house trained but does have little accidents when scared. He doesn’t like to be alone for more than a few minutes, we have been working on crate training and after a few days can leave the room for a few minutes without him being sad but this again will be a learning process. Atos has been sleeping in a crate at night (in our bedroom) and he settles quickly and sleeps through the night without fuss, he likes to have his safe space. Atos comes from a house with other dogs, however while in foster with us, he has taken a big dislike to our smaller resident dog. I don’t believe he is aggressive in nature, just a scared puppy that needs time to adjust. With this in mind I would recommend an only dog household or an existing larger and laid back dog who will leave him to settle in his own time. I really believe he will be an amazing forever pooch and he has so much love to give to the right family.”
 ATOS is still young and would benefit of puppy school, as he is very clever and loves learning. He can jump and play too active so not recommend to families with young kids. But he loves kids a lot.

ATOS has no known health issues; Not neutered. Full vaccination pack (rabies, DHLPP), provided worms treatment, microchipped.

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