is a gorgeous boy with adorable loving and good temperament

BERNIE currently lives with young child and a teenagers. He loves kids, but he is a strong boy so kids, who know to respect dog’s privacy,  8+ would be the best.

BERNIE is still young and will need training. Previous family that had him from puppy unfortunately didn’t had time for him and he is not socialised with dogs, so is reactive on a lead. But doesn’t really reacts to cats on a walk. BERNIE travels good in the car.

BERNIE was taken by a Foster family as an emergency Foster. And that’s what they say about him: ” He’s settled really well with us since arriving last week, he is more unsure of men but since being with us he is more for me then my wife, he is toilet trained and will let you know when he needs to go out by standing at the door and gives you a little bark. He listens and learns quickly we have already got him sitting, down and paw before meals and isn’t food aggressive at all!

He has also started to sit at roads on walks which we are continuing to do, when we first got him he pulled a lot and was walking in and out he now walks well to one side of you on a loose lead. He does sometimes need reminding me, he does show signs of aggression towards dogs and at the start was lunging he is getting better with correction and is able to walk past much more easily and no lunging. We have managed to get him to sniff a few dogs which we know are calm and won’t react for a good few seconds before moving and praising him I think with more socialising and him being walked more he will get better at this. He is a very loving dog and loves cuddles! At night we tried to let him have the run of the house but he just wouldn’t settle and settles all night if placed in the kitchen.He loves chicken feet!

We are a family with 4 children ages ranging from 1-16 he is great with all of them! He does need reminding sometimes of our baby as she has started walking and he does knock in to her but again we keep reminding him and he’s starting to realise. Saying he is a puppy he hasn’t chewed anything but does love to play hall especially with a football!! He has tried to put babies blocks in his mouth but a simple “drop” and he does.”

BERNIE has vaccinations history, not castrated, ( as still young, Rescue will contribute to the cost), microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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