BIFFY >1 y.o


beautiful& friendly 14 months old boy. Medium to Large size : around 28 kilos.

LOCATION : Scarborough 3AL

Unfortunately current family circumstances changed and for dog benefit they asked to his rehoming.

That’s what they say: ” Biffy is a huge part of our family. Re homing him will leave a massive hole in our lives. I never thought I would have to be this person but it just goes to show how hard rescuing is. We are devastated but feel we have done our best.
Biffy is a beautiful dog. He gets so many compliments on walks. He is starting to walk well on his Halti head collar without pulling. A harness or collar does not suit as he is very strong. This could obviously be changed with the correct training. He is reactive to other dogs sometimes but is learning to walk past them without bothering. It’s a slow process but he’s getting there! He’s good off the lead in areas with no one around. But he’s never met another dog or human while off the lead so this would need to be thought about. When he knows you he is your best friend. He’s not constantly snuggly but comes to you for loves and has no idea how big he is when he gets on your lap! He loves his food, toys and especially Buffalo Horns. Which are the one chew his can’t instantly break down! . He loves the cat. Unfortunately she doesn’t love him.

Although he loves my husbands 2 boys, I would not suggest a home with young children. If we didn’t have the kids we would not be re homing. Unfortunately Biffy snapped my husband last week. Very close to the youngest kids face. This was over treats and nothing more, but it’s something we obviously cannot risk. He has since gone for my husbands foot while he was stepping over him. He can be grumpy around food but is happy to be left eating in a separate room. Which is what we do with him and this works. Biffy seems to be sensitive to all sorts of stimulus. Little things put him on edge. We live in a quiet area and have a calm home. He definitely needs this.

He is used to being left while we go to work. But I would like to see him go to someone that is around more and can adapt their life to suit his needs. He learns things super quick. He can sit, give paw, lie down, up and speak. He sits are roadsides to wait to cross and will wait for a short period. That’s something that we practice regularly.
It’s seems he’s more content when he can lay outside all day. Which he can only do on weekends when we are in all day.

It would defiantly be worth a new owner meeting Biffy first. He sometimes take some time to trust.

BIFFY is still young and would benefit of puppy school, as he is very clever and loves learning. He can jump and play too active so not recommend to families with young kids.

BIFFY has no known health issues; Not neutered. Full vaccination pack (rabies, DHLPP),  microchipped.

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