BUSSJA is friendly, very shy and calm. Spayed.

BUSSJA needs patient and not pushy family, who will give her space, time to built trust and come on her own path. Located Gainsborough, DN21

She was found abonded, she was skin and bones and it was obvious she been used to produce puppies.

BUSSJA has been at Foster family for few months and been around other dogs, cats and kids. She is calm around them. But likes her own space. So we think quite home with no other dojgs or young kids is best for her.

BUSSJA currently at new Foster and that’s what Foster family say about her : ” Bella (how foster call Bussja) is a gorgeous spaniel girl with a unique personality, who has loads of love to give. She wants to be fussed by every human she meets and enjoys nothing more than a belly or ear rub and cuddles on the sofa.
She is currently sharing a house with 2 other dogs whom she gets along with but doesn’t like her space invading and will let them know with a bark. She is not bothered by the neighbours cats when they walk by.
After a few unsettled first nights when she arrived she now sleeps happily through and has not had any accidents. She can now be left for a couple of hours in a day and has never chewed anything. She eats well and is highly motivated by food, learning the sit command in a couple of days. She loves her walks but needs to continue lead training as she can pull a little when excited. She does not appear bothered with other dogs she encounters whilst out. Bella can be very vocal in response to many different sights and sounds and will need support to work on this. We have been working on redirecting her attention with a chewy bone. Bella would make someone a very loyal and loving companion.”

BUSSJA is microchipped. Spayed. Up to date with vaccinations and worms/fleas treatment. She has poor eyesight but vet told that it’s age related.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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