CHARLIE is a stunning boy of about 3 1/2 years old with VERY WELL BALANCED, easy calming and trully adorable temperament.

Available for foster-adopt (with trial period).

CHARLIE is very clever, loyal, friendly, loving, happy, active and playful just in normal measures . Loves long walks and to play outside.  Friendly with everyone, including  dogs and kids. We feel he might tolerate cats, as has calm temperament, but he hasn’t lived with cats.

CHARLIE was adopted in 2020, as a 10 months old pup, his family adored him.

That’s what the family said about him: ” Charlie is a very active 3 year old dog, loving and loyal, he’s been a part of our family for 3 wonderful years and is brilliant with kids. He loves walks and would walk and walk all day given the chance! He loves spending time with other dogs as well and is always keen to make friends with other dogs! He is good off lead although recall can be iffy if something catches his attention!
Fully toilet trained and loves to play with a toy, chew on a bone and a cuddle on the sofa! It honestly is the hardest decision to rehome him as he’s been an amazing part of our family, but Charlie needs someone that can really give him what he needs which is multiple walks a day and quality time to spend together which unfortunately we’ve not been able to provide recently with changes in work commitments and working extra hours.
He does bark when the doorbell goes off – something we’ve worked and worked on but he just likes to let us know someone’s there. He really is a wonderful dog and if there was any way I could add some extra hours in the day he would still be here with us, but he needs someone who can give him the long walks he requires and the attention he deserves – because he really is a lovely boy, and makes the best of friend!  I’m just so sorry that it’s ended up this way and I am going to miss him terribly!”

CHARLIE is very affectionate and humans oriented. He is very smart and love learning. He knows” sit” and “wait”.

CHARLIE has no known health issues, castrated, DHLPP, provided worms and flea treatment, microchipped.  Reduced adoption fees apply.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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