COOPER – 2 yo boy- castrated – Large size

COOPER is an active Lurcher x GSD .  REDUCED ADOPTION FEES

Cooper is smart and lively, who trusts the people around him well. He is high energy and can be boisterous during play, but settles very well in the house, and public. Location Sheffield, S6

COOPER family need to re-home him and that’s what they say about him:
” Cooper is a 2 year old Lurcher x GSD, who is neutered and in excellent condition. He is full of love and energy, and needs plenty of exercise and stimulation- he would do brilliantly at dog agility/sports/disc dog or obedience training. He is highly food-motivated, is eager to please, and loves lots of fuss. He is a VERY GOOD BOY who has had a rough start.

Cooper recall and general behaviour is excellent (although he does love to hunt squirrels in the woods!) and doesn’t react to horses or cattle on walks, but has shown interest in sheep and deer. He usually ignores other dogs, although will play with great energy if asked. Cooper loves a ball or squeaky toy and will play fetch/tug indefinitely. He can be handled and examined with ease, is calm at the vets and will be washed and dried without issue. He has no ongoing health issues, recovers quickly from illnesses and is in excellent condition.

Cooper can be mouthy when overexcited, and as he is a large dog with big teeth, coupled with his excited growly noises, this can seem intimidating. However, he has a soft mouth and no mouthing has turned into a bite or even a nip. He will stop with a stern NO.

Cooper has bitten twice, and this is the reason for his rehoming. I can no longer bring him to work (I work at a dog daycare) because of the bite risk. I would keep him if not for this change on circumstance, as he is an exceptional dog who is mostly brilliantly behaved and steady. The bites have not been because of reactivity or aggression, but because he guards food. If he is left alone to feed, and is not allowed access to food to steal (off kitchen counters etc) he shows no unwanted behaviour or biting. However, stolen food, or his food bowl will be guarded, and he should be tempted away from them if you must remove stolen items. If you are interested in him, I will happily go through both bites in detail, and how future bites can be prevented. However, because of the bites, I cannot recommend he live with children.

Cooper cannot live with cats or small furries – he loves a chase!

COOPER is loyal, affectionate, and loves his human company. He requires someone with time to continue his training and provide good activity levels and mental stimulation. He is smart and is keen to please. RESCUE WILL PROVIDE TRAINING MATERIALS AND RESOURCE GUARDING TREATMENT TIPS

COOPER has no known health issues and is castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and provided with worm and flee treatments.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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