DIESEL – 1,5 years -boy – Medium size

DIESEL is very friendly with all people. He is calm and crate trained. He is super smart.

Young, handsome, super smart boy… DIESEL is amazing, calm, loving boy

Based in Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location / sometimes full or part way delivery can be arranged)

‼ ONLY COMMITED, EXPERIENCED FOSTER or Foster to Adopt. All expenses will be covered‼‼‼

He came to our rescue after I had a phone call from a guy who was very desperate, he said he rang more then 30 different rescues and charities abd nobody can help. He is becoming homeless and need dog to be gone Today by evening or he will just let the dog on street. He was ready to give it to anyone. If I could I wouldtaje him. But currently have 9 dogs in a small room and no ability to seperate. It’s not fair on my current dogs or on Diesel  I spent the next 5 hours calling and posting about Diesel. We had few people interested and one family agreed to take him, I talked and explained that it may not be easy and that because she already had 2 dogs, introduction needs to be slow and he may need to be seperated, she said she is experienced and ready. Unfortunately it was not the case and after an hour or two she decided he can’t stay with them for a night and contacted another lady that commented under his post and she collected him. I was not happy as didn’t agreed and haven’t had a home checked as it was late at night but they filled Foster form and I arranged to come ij the morning to see Diesel and do home check. And again for poor Diesel it was totally not hoot match family they had 0 experience, they had cats and not suitable house. I had calls all night and barely slept. I called myself to so many rescue places as was so desperate for him but nobody cared. Because as family say he chased and bit a cat. They put and locked him outside in the garden. I was not aware of that until late. Just by accident a delivery driver spotted him and called me and agreed to Foster him short term. I am so so grateful. I am so so sad from all that mess he had. I already talked to 7 different families but none of them I feel suitable.

🌟 NO DOGS, or big experience in slow introduction, and loads of space. He is not Agressive with dogs but he is Stressed.

DIESEL will need castration and re-vacinations. Rescue will cover cost..
Happy to support with everything. He needs a CORRECT MATCH FAMILY.

That’s what Foster say about him:

” Diesel is such a lovely lad who loves lots of fuss and affection he’s a well behaved lad and always happy to go for a nice long walk he dose need a bit of lead training as he will pull a bit but if u pull him back and tell him to heal he dose so he’s by your side wherever u go he’s full of love and loves being stroked he will make someone very happy. “

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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