a beautiful 14-15 months old girl. German Shepherd cross with short paws (could be some chichua gens there). Upper-medium size, around 28 kilos, possibly a little overweight.

Unfortunately, family decided to rehome her because one family older resident dog (Shepherd/Rottweiler cross) doesn’t get along with DIXIE (not DIXIE’s fault) and has already drawn blood from her not once. It is getting worse and family believes it is not safe for DIXIE
DIXIE was found as a small puppy in Ukraine in Autumn 2021, abandoned with her puppy-siblings. They were announced for adoption and reserved before the war in Ukraine started. Her arrival in UK was planned to the end of February. But suddenly, on 24 February the war started. Cities were hit by missiles including the one where beautiful puppy DIXIE was patiently waiting her happy bus to a new home. Our transporters refused to go to Ukraine for dogs scheduled long time before. But surrounded by panic and being in shock state, we managed to find another licensed transporter, who agreed to evacuated fully prepared dogs from Ukraine. And DIXIE with another 19 dogs, was lucky to flee from war to her home.
But unfortunately now she needs to find a new home and we hope so much it will be forever one.
This is what her family says about her : “ Dixie is approx. 15months old, she is a medium sized bitch weighing 28.5kg. She has a beautiful temperament. We regularly have our 2 granddaughters aged 2 and 1 visiting us and there has never been a problem with them mixing with each other. Dixie has a very high energy and adventurous so would probably suit a youngish family with a lot of time to spend with Dixie.
We already had two other dogs 1 x male German shepherd/Rottweiler and 1 x female Staff/labradore (before to adopt DIXIE)
We have perserved with Dixie getting along with the older dog but it is getting harder to control his temper. He has drawn blood from Dixie on numerous occasions and we fear for her safety. Dixie has only had confrontation with Mac due to his age, she gets along with kids and probably younger dogs. Obviously it is her youthful side wanting to play with him but he is not having a bar of it. We have sat down and discussed this over a period of time and the only course of action for us, is to ask for Dixie to be rehomed.”
DIXIE is healthy, vaccinated, microchipped. Not spayed, rescue will contribute to cost of spaying.


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