DONNA 10 month (Calver, S32)

an active and playful 10 months old puppy girl. Spayed. Medium size: she is around 55 cm/16 kilos and already reached her adult size.

Unfortunately DONNA is looking again for a new home. The main struggle of the current family is that she gets quickly bored when left alone, chews a lot even with a good amount of walks and can’t be left without chewing something… So the family feels she is not best suited to their home.

DONNA is a fountain of energy. She is a happy, cheerful and playful girl. DONNA is friendly to people she knows. She loves cuddles, very communicative and human oriented. Same time can be wary unknown people, especially men. Could be timid and a bit scared in a new place for some short period (like 1-2 days or less), so would need a short time to decompress and space given. Housetrained. Lead trained.

That’s what the current family says about her : ” Donna ( now renamed Olive) is an absolutely beautiful friendly girl. She is full of cuddles and kisses. She loves to play with the toys and she adores the outdoors. She can sit and lay down. She knows her name which is now olive and she responds well off lead. She has been in contact with  children as young as 1 and a four-year-old. She couldn’t be left alone with her bouncy personality but she is friendly with children, she’s also ok with cats and she has mixed well in our house with my older dog.

I believe this little beauty would be well suited to both a family or a couple that enjoys lots of outdoors, preferably a smallholding or plenty of space at stables or pottering around outside all day. She walks well on her lead, this little treasure would brighten up any home.
As Olive is still only a puppy 10 months she’s still at the chewing stage. she has had some home basic training which is great when people are around because yes this little dog loves to chew.”
DONNA will perfectly suit an active family, preferably with a good size secure garden (DONNA loves to spend a lot of time in the garden, at the same time can chew wood). She can be a great companion for those who love walks and adventures. She will better suit home with older kids due to her high energy and playful character, like 8+ years old. Family should be ready for a puppy with all standard outcomes: lots of play, possible chewing (especially shoes, cables, other things left unsupervised), DONNA will benefit from continued training. We will be happy to provide useful tips for settlement and training.
DONNA is healthy and has a vaccination history. Neutered.  Microchipped.


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