is a beautiful shy girl. Mixed breed, small medium size about 7- 9kg. Not neutered(rescue will cover costs).

ELLIE is looking for loving home. With kind and patient humans, who will allow her as much time as she needs to decompress, who will not force her and will give her a chance to believe again that the world is a great place to live, that humans can be still trusted despite a betray.  Preferably without the other dogs or with one if calm and  tolerant. No young kids. Just because she is very anxious and needs a good time to decompress.  She is such a lovely girl with broken heart  

ELLIE was brought to our rescue by her owners who had her from a puppy, a shy girl, who just turned 1 in February… Active and playful in past life, loving but very shy. Her owners said that they trained her a lot but she is  nipping kids and getting harsh with their other dog (a small size Jack Russell boy).
ELLIE was very much depressed and very much missed her family. For 6 days she was absolutely shut: she didn’t want to move, didn’t want to communicate and to be touched, didn’t want to go outside. First day she was shaking and growing all the time, then she just lay in her bed and was growling for each attempt to communicate with her. Then in 3 days she stopped growling and still was only lying with no interest in anything around. She was eating and going on puppy pads.
But after 6 days she just changed completely in a one day. Like she had long sleep and suddenly woke up. She came out of her safe place and was like a completely different dog, wagging tail, bowing, wanting to play and interact with people and dogs… She didn’t want to go to her safe place any more and wanted to investigate.. Now we feel she is ready to go to her new forever loving home
Please give ELLIE a chance. Please help to return her happiness and believe.
 ELLIE has no known health issues. Not spayed (rescue will cover spaying), vaccinated, microchipped.
If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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