Fees Reduced: BODIA – Medium to Large – 8 yo senior 30 kilos of kindness- Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

BODIA (BOHDANA – a God gift) is a big loving and gentle softy senior girl of around 8 years old. She is not huge, just upper medium, but overweight. But those 30+ kilos of her weight are 30+ kilos of love and loyalty. Adoption Fee reduced. Available for Foster-to-Adopt.

SIZE: Upper-Medium (55 cm shoulder height / 30-33 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Loving, gentle, loyal, friendly
DOGS: Good with all
CATS: Untested
CHILDREN: Good with all, but better 10+ (can happily bark when greeting)

Rescue Story:
A few years ago, when BODIA was young enough, she was rescued and happily adopted in Ukraine. She lived with her family, adults and kids, in a big countryside house with a large garden. She was loved and cared for, and there seemed to be no clouds in her blue and happy skies. But then the war started, a horrible war that crushed millions of lives, including BODIA’s. From the first days, her owner was called to military service, and a few months later, he was killed defending his motherland. After this, his family decided to move abroad. They couldn’t take BODIA with them as they were moving to live with relatives in a small flat in a city. So, they returned BODIA to the rescue, where she came from, with no chanced for her to find a new home in Ukraine.

BODIA is a kind and loving soul who would fade away in shelter crates, so she has been living in a volunteer’s home for almost 2 years. She happily barks when meeting new people, eager to greet them friendly and receive some love and attention. She is friendly with everyone – men, women, kids, and other dogs. She treats each new puppy as her own, offering them support and reassurance. She has helped rehabilitate many terrified rescue dogs, making them more confident. BODIA is the best friend and mentor of every rescue dog.

Every time the Happy Doggy Bus arrives to take rescue dogs to the UK, BODIA is there, happily welcoming drivers and volunteers who come to load dogs and then saying goodbye and watching them leave with hope in her eyes. While all the other dogs find homes, BODIA stays behind, watching the Happy Doggy Bus take her friends and leave with a sad gaze. Volunteers promise her that one day it will be her turn, but each time, the bus leaves without her.

BODIA is very wise, patient and understanding. She forgives the rough play of youngsters and fearful growling of adult newcomers, she never showed impatience or reactivity, she tolerates and understands each of them.

BODIA is healthy with good teeth for her age. She has a funny torn ear from an incident with a frightened newly arrived rescue dog, but even with him, she eventually became friends later on. Despite her age and size, she is cheerful and active. With some weight loss, she would be perfectly fit. BODIA loves toys and balls and enjoys walks, preferring lots of sniffing over running around. She walks perfectly without a leash, always keeping an eye on her human.

Fully housetrained, BODIA sleeps inside during the winter and never has accidents. In the summer, she enjoys sleeping in a big wooden kennel in the garden, where she loves to spend her days. It’s essential for her to have a garden in her new home. She hasn’t been tested with cats.

BODIA is a big, soft, gentle giant who deserves a loving family no less than anyone else.. She’s more than 30 kilos of unbeatable kindness, love, and loyalty, ready to bring joy and warmth to a new home. If you have room in your heart and home for BODIA, she will be forever grateful and bring endless happiness to your life.

BODIA is healthy. Spayed. She has all core vaccines done and is microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before the trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate). If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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