is a stunning boy of about a year old. Large size 37kg. Not castrated, rescue will help with cost.

GORU is friendly, loving, happy and playful. He can be a bit shy with new people and will definitely need time to settle and get used to new environment

GORU was adopted a year ago as a young pup. But family has bad circumstances and need to re-home him. That’s what family said about him:

”  He is still nervous until he gets to know people. He’s very excited a lot. Not castrated yet. He’s fine with men women and kids but needs time to trust. He’s no longer chewing anything. He is very strong on a lead although can be really good walking. In the car he is very excited but travels well. He sleeps on his bed or wherever I am”

GORU is currently at Foster and that what Foster say about his progress : ” Goru is super smart. Today he walked on a loose leash, passed 3 dogs without barking and… He played with 3 dogs in the park without barking…  He still barks a little when someone enters the house, but jumps less. He still sometimes reacts to bicycles and large cars, or rather noisy cars, but if he controls him, he is able to pass calmly. ”

GORU is very affectionate and humans oriented. He is very smart and love learning new things will enjoy puppy training classes or agility classes

GORU have no known health issues vaccinated rabies, DHLPP,  microchipped.


If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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