GUS & RUBY are GREAT FAMILY DOGS. Together or separately.

Both dogs are good around people, kids, other animals. Loated ar Bristol, but can be transported

Really bad urgent circumstances, family separation and loose of home with no chance for dogs to remain.

GUS is around 2 years old boy, some German shepherd cross who is a bundle of fluffiness, happiness and energy! Upper-medium size. Neutered. He absolutely loves to play and is very excited with all people. GUS will benefit a lot with another dog for company. He is used to children from ages 4 and upwards as comes from a family home. He is very strong on the lead so will need some training and help with not pulling and getting over excited on walks and will need a lot of exercise/walks to drain his energy. Due to his excitement he has been reactive to other dogs on walks but in a group walk setting he has shown to have overcome this with gentle introduction. He also lives with another dog currently so would be able to have another resident dog at home for company. He is a big fan of tug and loves to chew so hard wearing toys are essential as he’s been known to take down a Kong before! Affection and cuddles are his second nature and he loves nothing more than a belly rub or to sit across you and act like he is the size of a chihuahua! He has a sensitive tummy so requires grain free food on recommendation from the vet. He will need someone home most of the time or with another dog for company as he does tend to howl when left completely on his own. All round he is a hilarious, affectionate, cuddly, happy boy and would make a great addition for a family home

RUBY , a ginger girl, is most likely some lurcher/shepard cross who absolutely loves cuddles! Medium size, booked to be spayed before rehoming. She is used to children from ages 4 and upwards as she comes from a family home but does not like cats or small furriers as she has a large prey drive. She can be a nervous/alert girl with a new people at start, but soon warms up when she realizes all the attention and love she can get from you. She has a lovely sweet personality and is very friendly with other dogs when out on walks as has previously gone on group sessions with a dog walker. She’s fast and loves to jump so playing chase is a must for her but you will also need a high fenced secure garden to ensure she doesn’t escape as any opportunity she finds she will take! She is happy to live with other dogs as there is currently another resident dog at home she is very bonded with. But also can be the only pet at home. She’s a lovely girl and would make a great addition to any family home!

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