JULIE-5yo girl-small – Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

JULIE is a very gentle and loving smallish perfect size girl of around 5 years old. She is just around 37 cm/13 kg, but can easily lose a few kilos with proper quality food, as definitely little overweight. Spayed. Housetrained. Good on a leash, Good in the car. Calm and quiet.

Very much human oriented and quietly struggle of lack of her personal human in multi-dog foster home. Currently lives at foster with cats and other dogs. She prefers cats, as they do not bother her and simply tolerate dogs not realy wishing to interact with them. JULIE is ready to join the Happy Doggy Bus to UK in mid-March, but can only travel if there will be a place where to go (home or committed foster). Give her a chance.


JULIE was abandoned in summer 2023. Under Council sterilization program she was picked up, vaccinated, spayed. The rules of such municipal program are to keep dogs for 3 weeks, trying to find them home. But if no one calls, they let dog back to same place where found and put a clip in the ear as a sign that dog is spayed, vaccinated and safe. In December 2023 there were severe frosts in Ukraine, minus 20 degrees and sometimes even less, with lots of snow and cold winds. Poor thing found her “safe” spot under the tree and when the coldest day came, was silently dying with no hope. She was noticed by volunteer driving nearby. Volunteer get out of the car and called her, but she didn’t move. As appeared she was already not able to move and was frozen almost to death. Volunteer had to pick her up and take her in car and in clinic. JULIE probably has a very good angels saving her, as if not this lucky accident, she would not survive to the next morning.


JULIE’s foster says that she was a home pet for sure. She is one of not many dogs, who was housetrained from day1 : when she wants to go to the toilet, she just goes to front door and patiently waits it to open and let her in garden. She was leash trained and perfectly knew how to behave inside the house. And also her infinite love to a human. JULIE can make ideal companion for any dog loving family. She loves her walks, but doesn’t require a lot of exercise. JULIE is very quiet, gentle and calm girl. The biggest value for her is to be close to her person, she loves to be petted and kissed. Very much people oriented.

She’s great with cats and dogs, but she needs some time to get used to time. She’s not aggressive, just she doesn’t wish to play with them, so prefers to be on her own. She wasn’t tested on young kids. She will a great match for the no rush home as the only dog, without kids or 10+.

JULIE is fully heathy with no known issues. Spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped. C.Brucella tested (owners will receive licensed laboratory test certificate along with other documents).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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