KASHTAN- tripod-5.5 years old- medium-to-large-Ukraine war dog

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Writing this post about a fluffy friend I met when I was in Ukraine this winter, with broken heart and without real hope, but still with little believe in miracle that possibly among thousands of our followers there are true dog lovers, who wish to be rescuers and make a huge difference in a life of wonderful war dog, who has no chances to find so deserved family rather than them.

KASHTAN (means CONKER) is a kind and loving bear-dog, large and fluffy boy of around 5-6 years old. Not giant, just large size: 57-58 cm / 27-28 kilos, looks even larger due to being very fluffy. KASHTAN is a tri-pod dog, missing his forelimb. Three-legged dogs can certainly go on to live a healthy and long life. KASHTAN don’t require any specialized or ongoing care. Of course there are some restrictions regarding exercising: he doesn’t not need a lot of exercise/play/long runs. But same time dogs with three legs can certainly adapt to their situation and make for playful, loving, and lifelong companions. But you can make their life even better by giving them soft or even therapeutic bedding, putting rugs on a floor to reduce slipping, getting him raised food and water bowls. And love, lots of love. Is it too much to save his life and give him years of happy life?

I met KASHTAN in January, when was visiting Ukraine. Me and my kids went to one of big foster to meet dogs, make their pictures for future posts. KASHTAN met us near the gates and from this moment my kids where not interested in any other dogs there: not in cute puppies, not in beautiful other adult dogs. My daughter literary stuck to KASHTAN, hugging him non-stop and almost all time spent with him near his kennel, giving all treats which I brought for other dogs. When we were leaving my daughter was crying, asking not stop if probably we can take him with us. We couldn’t. And she took my word that I will try to find him forever home.

His story is sad and happy. He was just occasionally found by militaries near BAKHMUT with heavily injured and almost cut off forelimb by shrapnel, he was bleeding and not of time left for him. Soldiers put him in ambulance together with injured soldier and delivered to stabilization medical point near frontline, where all injured get the first emergency help and are stabilized before moved to hospital on main land.  KASHTAN was operated there and afterwards volunteers took him under their care. He was saved.

KASHTAN is absolutely adorable personality. Kind and loyal. Joyful and trustful. All foster puppies adore him. They are getting into his kennel and stilling his food. He tries to make a boundaries and even growls at them, but they do not care and just sit on his head.  KASHTAN currently lives outdoors in a wooden kennel, just because warm home premises are fully occupied with newly arrived young puppies, old and weak small size dogs. But before this (and sometimes now when there are a big frosts minus 15-20) he lived inside and behaved as a real aristocrat: gentle, no mess, no noise. KASHTAN able to value every minute near human and able to be grateful for every sign of attention, every warm word. He is very good with puppies and all female dogs, but can be selective to large male dogs, especially when they are not friendly – he will respond them immediately. He didn’t live with cats, but absolutely ignores neighbor’s cats.

KASHTAN is tripod, veterinarian says he is healthy rather than this, while recommended some joints supplements/vitamins to support his other leg, which carries now double weight.  Neutered, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive dewormed and C.Brucella tested.

KASHTAN and me wish to believe in miracles.

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