LANA- 3 yo- Medium-to-Large Labrador -Ukraine war dog

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LANA is an ideal companion, a Yellow Labrador girl around 3 years old, with the average female Labrador size of around 56 cm shoulder height and 28-30 kilos. She is spayed, housetrained, good in a car, and used to walk on a leash.

LANA knows basic commands and is the best example of her breed: typically, playful and active, yet with a very well-balanced nature. She is very loving, affectionate, and human-oriented, rating 10 out of 10 in these qualities.

LANA is trustful and good with all people, including kids. She is very friendly with other dogs, but she prefers not to share her food bowl or treats with them. LANA is good and patient with cats.

LANA is ready to join the Happy Doggy Bus to UK at the end of April, but can only travel if there will be a place where to go (home or committed foster). Give her a chance.

LANA is the lost soul who is looking for her way home. She was abandoned in a city. For around a week, there were different publications about her, with people reporting sightings of her in different forms of public transport– a fleeting glimpse on a tram, a huddled form on a bus, a lone figure sniffing strangers with a hopeful wag. Many publications were made everywhere, including on local TV. However, no one called to claim her. Thankfully, LANA was eventually rescued and is now on the lookout for her forever home, where she can bring joy and companionship to a loving family.

LANA is brimming with happiness, ready to share her joy with everyone she meets. She embodies the spirit of a Labrador, often likened to Peter Pan for their resilience, confidence, and eternal joyfulness, finding fun in every situation and never losing their youthful spirit. She is friendly, intelligent, outgoing, and a joyful companion.

LANA gets along well with everyone she is good and playful with other dogs. However, she doesn’t like to share her food and treats with other dogs, preferring to enjoy them on her own. She is incredibly sweet and patient with dogs and very friendly with cats.

LANA loves her walks, to play in water, as most of Labs do, enjoying the splashes and excitement that come with it. It’s important for people to understand that Labradors are wonderful companions and family dogs, getting very attached to their humans and they can become bored and destructive if left alone for extended periods with too little exercise. These traits can be managed through adequate mental and physical stimulation. Labradors require at least two hours of exercise a day, so it’s important to provide them with plenty of opportunities to run, play, and stay active. They are very sociable and cannot cope well with long hours of being left alone at home. If there is no one at home for long periods (like 4+ hours) or if you do not have enough time to walk and play with your dog, it may be better to choose another breed or an older dog.

LANA will be a perfect fit for any active, dog-loving home with children aged 6 and older (because active and friendly Labs can unintentionally knock down small kids).

LANA has no known health issues; spayed, has all core vaccines done, microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested (owners will receive licensed laboratory test certificate).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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