LEO – American Bulldog – 6 YEARS OLD (Nottinghamshire, NG18)

is beautiful boy with adorable loving temperament. Standard size for his breed- large. UK resident dog since birth. The lady, his owners, had him from puppy. Neutered. Housetrained. Lead trained. Muzzle trained. Good in a car. No mess no chews at home. Currently is at Nottinghamshire, NG18.

Unfortunately his owner took a heartbreaking decision to rehome LEO. The Lady loves LEO to bits, but current family circumstances make them looking for rehoming. Unfortunately in the previous relations there was family abuse and LEO always stood to defend his bellowed owner and it worked. But now LEO continues to stand for his lady in new relations even if there is no threat. And it now causes troubles.

LEO is active and playful. Friendly with no pushy dogs. Also lived with cats.  But will best suit as a single pet in a house due to some guarding issues (toys, treats, etc). LEO used to live/communicate with kids. But he is strong and sudden movements or a pinch voice can make him anxious, especially in a new home. So the best match for LEO will be adult home.

LEO loves his walks and loves to play. Same time he loves cuddles on the sofa and is calm and good tempered at home. Typical to bulldogs can be stubborn, but with positive (NO FORCE/NO PUNISHMENT) methods it is easy to avoid it. No force methods are allowed with LEO, no outdated “alpha” or service dogs methods. Only positive reinforcement will work with Leo to build bonds, trust and agility: there are many methods to build human leadership with dogs and we will be happy to send tips on this.

This is what his owner says about him:
“ This is my pride and joy Leo. He turned 6 on the 17th September. He is microchipped, castrated and had his puppy vaccinations. He is brilliant off the lead and has brilliant recall. He can be quite strong on the lead for the first 5 minutes but soon calms down when he’s been let off and had a run and walks lovely.

He is muzzled trained although he doesn’t really like the muzzle he will let you put it on him. He can be social with dogs that are not over excited and I always make sure he has his muzzle when meeting dogs he doesn’t know. He has snapped at dogs he has lived with protecting toys and never let him have a bone with any other dogs around.
Leo doesn’t like giving things back, this is why he is not allowed tennis balls or any type of ball of that size due to you not be able to get it back from him and he will try and swallow it whole so you can’t have it back. He can also snatch at things he’ll let you take it but when you go to walk away with it he can get funny and try grabbing it back off you. He doesn’t do this very often because I tend to shout him away from whatever I want him from as I said his recall is great and I’ll go into another room and give him a treat or let him outside and I will go and pick whatever it was up.
He is allowed sticks on walks but he is very clever he knows when you are going home and he’s going back on the lead and there’s no way in hell you’ll be able to get that stick off him if he knows it’s home time so I will have to trick him into thinking we are still playing fetch and I’ll pretend to throw it and I’ll quickly drop it behind me when he goes to run and then I start walking to him saying Leo come and he gets a bit confused wondering where his stick is and I put him straight on the lead and just continue walking.
He loves riding next to me on bikes although sometimes he’ll try to have a chew of the wheel I just tell him to leave pull up on his lead and stops and I don’t make it a big deal and just carry on going and he gets right into it running right next to me.
He knows sit, paw (Although he doesn’t really like his feet being touched) and will sometimes grumble, he knows down, roll over, spin around and is amazing in the car, no mess or sickness maybe a bit of whining because he’s excited too where he is going.
He also lives with 2 cats that are not scared at all but would most likely chase cats that he doesn’t know and are not used to dogs so maybe not a good idea. Same with small animals he has never killed an animal he’s been around my sister ferrets and never injured but just to be on the safe side better off not be any.
He’s never shown any aggression towards children but I have kept it at quite a minimal since he’s been getting more wary of sudden movements and children are all over the place so I tend too not let him around children as I don’t want the risk. He will happily sit on the sofa next to my partners nearly 5 year old son and have a little stroke but he’s been around him since he was a new born baby so he knows who he is but  now the past year I have been minimizing the contact.
He is not destructive at all in the house and is used to me going to work, as long as he’s had his walk and dinner he’ll happily go too sleep on the sofa. Leo does like chewing paper, so he will chew up some toilet roll if it’s left out but that’s as worse as it gets. He’s completely house trained, no accidents “

LEO is healthy, neutered, microchipped.  Has puppy vaccinations.

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