LEXI & LEO & THEO- GO SEPARATELY – Pomeranians – 9 mo- Walton, DE12

LEXI, LEO, THEO are beautiful 9 months old Pomeranians. Small size. 2 Boys and 1 Girl.  We believe they will benefit from being seperated and having one to one attention. Located Walton, DE12


Our rescue been contacted by the daughter of Lady, whom those dogs belonged. Mum took pups at 4 months old from a friend that had a litter. Unfortunately recently mum got to hospital and it will be long term and they were afraid that pups would go a bad family so asked our rescue to step in.

LEXI, LEO, THEO are currently at Foster family . They arrived matted and needing urgent grooming. Foster and her daughter spent 3 hours trying hard to groom, but they will still benefit from a professional grooming.

That’s what foster says about them: ” They enjoy gentle cuddles and their confidence is growing day by day. They are used to being caged at night and for afternoon sleep – they are fed in their cages so they see the cage as their safe place.They enjoy watching whilst we are cooking and cleaning, love the garden and are very interested in the TV! They will make good dogs with 1 to 1 training.”

LEXI, LEO, THEO are very shy and unsure of many things. They probably have never been walked in public places and even at 9 months still need toilet training. Unfortunately it looks like their owner was planning to keep them just at house/garden, so didn’t care about proper socialisation and training. They need slow introduction to the world and slow gentle socialisation ( we will be happy to provide full advice and support). But they are crate trained and sleep all night in the covered cosy crate with soft beds.

LEXI, LEO, THEO will need a calm and patient family. Kids need to be gentle 8+.  Pups are friendly and loving and can make a great companion with proper time investing to teach them.

LEXI, LEO, THEO are small cute dogs but they are not toys, still need to be trained and socialised in a positive manner, helping them to learn this world as a safe and nice place to live. We will be strict with applicants commitment and adopting is subject to signing and agreeing to the Neutering contract (dogs has to be sterilised on own costs within 2 months after adoption)

LEXI, LEO, THEO have no known health issues, fully vaccinated, provided worms treatment, microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary




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