LUCKY – 4 yo girl – Small-to-Medium- Spayed

LUCKY is a beautiful, intelligent girl. Spayed.

LUCKY is a happy, active and affectionate dog. She loves spending time outdoors so can only be homed where there is a big garden or lots of secure outdoor space. Plus requires active family for nice long walks

Location Kent, TN3 (help with transportation available)

LUCKY is housetrained and lead trained. Sleeps through the night at her dog bed. Don’t goes upstairs. Can be left up to 4 hours with no problems. No seperation anxiety. Knows basic commands, don’t chew or destroy anything.

She is in Foster in UK and that’s what they say about her:

” Lucky is so lovely that’s what everyone says when they meet her.

She is smaller & more slight than she looks in pictures and videos, no taller than most peoples knees. She loves meeting people and saying hello to other dogs on walks. She likes to chase squirrels, so we don’t recommend she live with cats or other furries unless she is properly cat tested.

Lucky has an immense sense of adventure and would benefit from an active family. She was born to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s been lovely to take her to the beach and see her jumping into the waves. She certainly is brave and fearless. She travels so well in the boot of the car, clipped to a harness, you forget she is there.

As well as being active, she also knows when she wants to relax. This can be snuggled up on her bed on her own if she wants her own space, or snuggled up with you. She can never have too many belly rubs. She will wriggle her belly around and encourage this.

A typical day includes a morning walk, on a long line as she hasn’t mastered recall yet. Or time off lead in a secure field. Lots of naps, some enrichment time spent with her licki mat or treat filled kong, a few moments of training and another walk later in the day. When she is left alone, she has no anxiety at all and she happily chills for up to 5 hours.

She is a great sleeper, she sleeps downstairs, in fact she doesn’t come upstairs at all as we have not encouraged this. She rarely barks, and when she does it is more of a deep oofff sound which always makes me smile! She is a good eater. We don’t believe in taking her food away to show her we are the boss, if anything, we offer her more, such as telling her she’s a good girl when she eats. This alleviates any stress she may have had from not having food resources before her rescue. The same with a toy, we will always swap one for another if she has something we don’t want her to have. This causes the least stress for her and us. She isn’t a chewer, she just sometimes might mouth a bit of clothing, so we offer a toy instead.

She is crate and muzzle trained, but not for any other reason than it is always a good idea to get them used to these.

Lucky would be best with someone who has previous dog experience, that can take leadership of her and make her feel they have her back, so she does not feel the need to protect herself in anyway. And someone enthusiastic who will continue her training – she is a really intelligent fast learner and knows sit, wait, no, paw, bed, up, heel, crate, down (lie down). She would probably love to do some scent training, but we haven’t had the time. Her recall and heel still needs work; it’s mainly due to distractions outside the home. She is a strong little thing and can pull on the lead, but towards the end of the walk she will happily trot by your side; again this needs practice. She’s a great running companion, for recall safety she runs on an elasticated line by my side.

Definitely I would recommend a secure garden with fences of 6ft.

She hasn’t had experience with children, other than to say hello through the fence to our neighbours young children, who simply pet her, so we would suggest a child free home given this lack of experience.

Things to improve on would be mainly the recall and lead pulling. If she is over excited running around the garden, she sometimes can’t stop and lands into you. If she gets restless she may put her paw on you to let you know, or mouth your hand, at which point it’s time to offer her a toy to enjoy or redirect her focus to another place.

She is a wonderful, loving, funny and gentle girl. It is clear that she idolises us, now trusts us 100% and she can offer this to her forever family too as they slowly bond like we have. She can still be a little fearful with new people and if she needs her space, she will let you know, using something like a lower level form of communication like a growl, so that you know you have to back off.

Here are my final few words for the perfect relationship with Lucky. Take leadership and she will be your absolute most loyal and loving best friend. She will look deeply into your eyes and allow you to truly take care of her very big special heart. You may be rescuing her, but she may also be rescuing you. We can’t wait for her to begin her next exciting chapter with many happy years of love and companionship with her special forever family. ”

LUCKY has no known health issues; spayed. Full vaccination pack, provided worms and flea treatment, microchipped, kennel cough.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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