URGENT MARTIN~MEDIUM~6,5 mo puppy boy

MARTIN  is a cheerful happy puppy boy.  Not neutered due to early age. Comfortable medium size: 47 cm/13 kilos, expected to be around 52-54 cm / 16-17 kilos.

Based in Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location or sometimes part way meeting can be agreed)

MARTIN  is always a joyful,  friendly, active and playful boy, a fountain of positive energy, a typical happy healthy puppy. His biggest joy is to be near humans and he is happy to  dance beautiful boogie-woogie, twirling his body in impossible ways, when meeting his people, even if they left just a few minutes before : he will always meet you like you haven’t been there for a week.  But when happily excited has wrong puppy habit: jumps on people, though recently his family started to train him to sit to get cuddled and not jump.
MARTIN is usually happy to meet everyone, known and unknown humans. He loves dogs and will benefit from having a playmate, another young playful dog.  Not tested with cats, but most likely not recommended, as MARTIN is very curious and playful.

MARTIN grown in a quiet country cul-de-sac house with a big garden and lot of free secure space to run, he has good recall, so was rarely leashed, thus needing to continue leash training. He rarely saw traffic so would need a slow introduction to public places and traffic.

MARTIN is a very loving boy, but we can’t recommend him to the home with young kids (younger than 10 y.o), as he jumps high and kisses hard.

MARTIN is house trained and keeps well for 10-11 hours during the night. And all day long he used to have access to the garden.

MARTIN will perfectly suit an active family adult only or with dog savvy kids over 10-12 y.o, preferably with good size secure garden. Family should be ready for puppy with all standard outcomes: lots of play, chewing, and have time for training to turn a puppy to a perfect family pet – dogs do not come preprogrammed. He is able to bright  and warm any home and with make wonderful loyal companion.

MARTIN has no health issues; not neutered (due to early age). Full vaccination pack, provided worms treatment, microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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