Already in UK: MARY – 3 years old girl – Medium size

MARY is a beautiful temperament very easy girl. Spayed. Medium size 50 cm height, 22kg.

She is super loving and friendly. Housetrained. Great on the lead. Good in the car.

Location: Derby, Hatton, DE65

MARY was at Foster family with kids, other dogs and cats. She is good with dogs and ignores cats. Currently at Foster in UK with other dogs.

That’s what Foster say about her:

” Mary is the most loving and loyal treasure of a dog. Mary is housetrained and lead trained. When walking, she doesn’t pull and often walks right next to you. She has seen cats, dogs and birds on walks and doesn’t seem interested in any of them. Mary gets on well with other dogs, sometimes plays with them but also leaves them alone when she wants her own space. She has grumbled once at my dog, and when I said her name she listened and never grumbled again! Mary is incredibly loyal, she loves her humans and wants to snuggle with you on the sofa, have fuss and just be near you. Mary is also good when left alone, she does like to watch out the window for you to come home, and when you do return she can be excitable and jump up you and lick you. She truly is a man’s best friend, she would make an incredible companion for anyone. She has SO much love to give”

MARY was given away as she was taken to guard premises and she loved everyone from the first sight so was a bad guard dog, they wanted to shoot her but volunteers saved her just in time

MARY is always happy, not pushy, submissive but not scared. Very very loving and loves cuddles and fuss.

MARY is very smart, loves learning new things. But the most she likes is having attention from people.

MARY loves walks. She is lead trained and knows basic commands. She is very good at home no accidents, no chewing, can be left for few hours on her own.

MARY is good in the car. Loves watching through the window.

MARY is not fussy with food eats dry food.

MARY has no known health issues. Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped.

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