MOOHA from Ukraine- FEMALE -3.5 yo- MEDIUM- SPAYED (South-West London, TW1)

MOOHA is a beautiful ginger girl with wise eyes. She is 3.5 years old. Medium size: just 49 cm/23 kilos. Spayed.

Give her a chance. Loving girl rescued from Ukraine .REDUCED ADOPTION FEES

It’s absolutely heartbreaking as family adopted her 1.5 years ago and tried so so hard to make sure she is happy girl. Unfortunately they fill that their environment is not suitable for her and it brakes their hearts to re-home her but they feel it can help her to be happy .

That’s what family say about her : “Mooha is a very special girl, super clever and with a huge heart, and needs a committed family who will work with her through her issues with anxiety.

At home, Mooha is the best dog, she is lovely and super calm, she absolutely loves belly rubs, she isn’t destructive (apart from the odd sock and carboard boxes), learns super quickly and is very obedient (when not anxious). She also has a playful side but she doesn’t like to play alone and will ask people to play with her.

Mooha usually gets attached to people quite easily, and when this happens, she can exhibit resource guarding behaviour. This means that strangers or other dogs can sometimes be seen as a threat and she can become reactive to them (though she’s never bitten anyone). It can also make separation difficult: although Mooha is a very independent dog, she has a big need to protect and gets upset being left alone because she is unable to do what she believes to be her primary job. We’ve been working with her on this and managed to do a bit of progress with separation anxiety but we think that her overall anxiety with our South-West London environment feeds her separation anxiety, so hopefully in the right environment, she’ll be able to progress on that front.

Being from Ukraine, it’s also difficult for her to be exposed to lots of dogs as this is an unusual environment and so she doesn’t have the same dog etiquette that a typical domestic dog will have. Mooha loves to play with other dogs but she needs to be introduced carefully.
We’ve taken the heartbreaking decision to rehome her, because she is very anxious in our South-West London environment, where there are far too many dogs and unknown people for her. We’ve seen two force-free behaviourists who both told us that she needs to be rehomed so that is the only reason why we’re taking this really hard decision.

She’s made so much progress since we got her and can probably do much more progress in the right environment. She is a calm, lovely (yet independent), fun dog at home and she could make a family very happy, provided that they are committed to work with her on her anxiety. Note that she takes anti-anxiety meds prescribed by the vet, and which cost 20-40£ a month.

Mooha needs a family who lives in a quiet area with not a lot of dogs around, or a family with a large garden who will allow Mooha not to face new dogs all the time. She likes children but older ones as she gets scared by small unpredictable toddlers. She should be the only dog and doesn’t get along with cats.”

MOOHA is a very loyal, loving and affectionate girl. Her personal peculiarity is that she absolutely adores to interact with humans. She will be able to bring a lot of happiness in her forever family.

MOOHA was rescued from Ukraine 2 years ago, she appeared on motorway gas station one day. Probably someone kicked her from a car and left. She lived on gas station for quite a while and was very kind with everyone.

MOOHA has no known health issues; neutered. Vaccinated,  microchipped.

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