URGENT NEMO – survivor from Ukraine- 6 years old – blind- Husky

NEMO is special, loveable and friendly husky boy, a warrior from Ukraine, neutered.

NEMO is calm and well balanced dog. He loves people and enjoys cuddles.Standard husky size – medium to large, around 60 cm/ 30 kilos . Location Redhill, Surrey, RH1. Reduced adoption fee

NEMO is a beautiful soul, very special dog. He is still young, but blind, which is most likely the result of contusion / missile strike trauma. He was rescued by British volunteer in Ukraine in Zaporizhya war area in  one of half-ruined village, where volunteers team was delivering humanitarian aid. Before coming to UK NEMO got all vaccinations, health checks, blood tests (including rabies antibody test). Volunteer needs to continue his mission in Ukraine and was relying on his family, which family was happy to give Nemo forever home, but now due to unexpected heavy personal circumstances, they can’t give NEMO enought care what he deserves. Family asked help to find NEMO forever loving home, where he can get enough personal attention and time to interact with humans.

NEMO SPECIAL NEEDS: big/medium secure quiet green garden (he loves to spend time outside), patient family, who loves to talk to dogs (blind dogs needs), not busy places for walls.

NEMO is generally good with dogs, especially female dogs and most male dogs, but doesn’t like some male dogs, too pushy and reactive. Not tested for cats.

NEMO is blind, but able to orient fast . He quickly learns the new places. He is able to walk, but we consider it shouldn’t be busy parks or lot of traffic, as being not able to see environment and sounds sources, NEMO can get stress of those loud noises. Same time his walks need to be slow as now he learns world by sniffing – he should be allowed calm walks with lot of sniffing.

Blind dogs doesn’t make big problems for adopters and are easy, while some specific things matter (like stairs safety proof, using scents in house and of course a lot of talking to your dogWe will happy to provide tips and training advice, preparation and post-adoption support on how to adopt blind dog. Here is one of articles  https://www.treehugger.com/adopting-blind-dog-4862948

NEMO travels well in the car and is fully housetrained.

NEMO has no known any other health issues and is castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and provided with worm and flee treatments.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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