NICK- 1 yo smallish medium boy- Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

NICK is a trustful and loving boy of around 1 year old. He looks big on pictures, but in reality is very smallish medium size.

SIZE: Smallish medium (44 cm shoulder height/ 13-14 kilos)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Trustful, loving, sociable
DOGS: Good with
CATS: Untested
CHILDREN: Good with

Rescue Story: NICK and his brother TIM were rescued from a tragic situation by rescue and police. They were living in a home with a family of alcoholics, where neglected children grew into cruel beings. The children were abusing and even killed several puppies, and neighbors witnessed these. The puppies were already sick with parvo-enteritis, and despite efforts to save them, only NICK and TIM survived. They were rescued just in time and received the necessary care to recover from their ordeal. Now, both dogs are looking for a loving and safe home where he can leave their past behind and start a new life filled with love and care.

NICK is neutered, housetrained. He is a joyful and sociable boy who loves the company of both dogs and humans. He’s obedient, quickly learning, and surprisingly, continues to love children very much. He’s good on a lead and enjoys his walks, but is calm and relaxed at home. NICK would be best suited to a home with older dogs savvy children. He’s sociable and gentle, making him a great companion for a loving family.

NICK‘s past is behind him, and he’s ready to start a new chapter in a loving home. He’s a loving and trusting boy who deserves a safe and happy home.

NICK is fully healthy. He has all core vaccines done, is microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before the trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate).

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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