NIKO – 2 years old boy – Alapaha Blue Blood XL Bulldog

NIKO is a very friendly TO EVERYONE boy with adorable loving and good temperament Alapaha Blue Blood XL Bulldog.

Great with young KIDS, DOGS, CATS. Castrated. Vacinated. Location Kirkham, PR4

The IMPORTANT POSITIVE feature of this breed: They do not drool and have no breathing problems,like, for example, English Bulldogs.

NIKO currently lives with 2 young children and a teenager. A cat and a chihuahua.

Current Foster took Niko as emergency Foster and been really thinking of keeping and adopting him, but due to heavy family circumstances can’t proceed with adoption.

That’s what Foster family say about NIKO :
“When Niko came to me, he wasn’t great on the lead, pulled very badly. I have however since changed him to an anti pull harness and collar and this seems to have helped, with the right training continued he will be a true gem and I mean this in all aspects not just the lead walking. He’s an active boy but equally loves a cuddle. Niko sleeps nicely in his cage, however I do sometimes allow him to stay out of it with no issues. I’ve not left him alone for long periods of time that often, however when I have had to he appears to of been okay. He does enjoy chewing the kids toys if he gets bored though!”

NIKO is little stubborn and clever and will try to push the boundaries so needs someone firm. He’s fine with children, men and women but I have noticed he listens to and gravitates to men more if they are around.

Things to know about Niko :

  • ⭐ Niko weighs 34KG
  • ⭐ He is excitable when meeting new people, and does jump up
  • ⭐ He is very excitable by other dogs when out walking, so does pull when he sees them out of excitement
  • ⭐ He is reactive to the hoover, I’ve been working on this and he is getting better.
  • ⭐ Niko is castrated
  • ⭐ Niko is chipped
  • ⭐ Niko is crate trained & house trained and very good at letting you know when he needs to go out
  • ⭐ Niko doesn’t guard or get jealous over his food, treats or toys
  • ⭐ Niko knows the standard commands (unless he’s feeling stubborn)

First NIKO came to out resvur fr fa that he been from a pup. After separation NIKO remain with lady and and a small child, the lady has full time work and can’t cope with big dog and kid, also NIKO is struggling to be alone at home for almost whole day, which is not fair for him.

This is what his previous owner said about him:  “He is big boy although he does think he’s smaller than he actually is! He’s a big lad bless him and thinks everyone and everything is there to play.
He walks good on a leash but does need someone to be strong with him and tell him when walking etc.
He’s good with food and let’s you take it off him etc if needed, but he is chewing a bit at the moment but I think that’s boredom because I’m out at work for such a long time every day.
He’s good with kids and is really gentle with them and good with animals although he is wary and a little scared of cats.
He’s toilet trained etc and sleeps in his crate at night although he would sleep on the bed if I let him!
He’s just generally a good dog and I’m hating having to rehome him!
He comes with his crate, toys bowls and blankets etc “

A few words about his unique breed Alapaha Blue Blood XL Bulldog. This breed is one of the rarest dog breed. Some sources says that there are less than 200 in a world. The Alapaha Bulldog is a very smart, independent and loyal dog. In addition, this breed has an incredibly positive and friendly character, which is directly reflected in the perception of the world and daily behavior. On the one hand, the Alapaha can be very determined, on the other hand, he loves to be the center of attention, loves to be funny, playful and in general – the best dog in the world. Alapaha can be a little stubborn, but he is generally very loyal. He is well aware of his place in the family (pack), and may try to take the place of the leader, therefore it is necessary to show the dog its place from an early age. But – with kindness and patience, not forgetting about wisdom. Remarkably loves children, thanks to his sense of responsibility, great devotion and developed intellect, he can sometimes be in the role of a nanny for a child. Copes well with watchdog functions, usually there are no problems in training. Alapaha perceives strangers neutrally, but always monitors the behavior of the owner and his attitude towards the person. They perfectly adapt to living conditions, loneliness is not perceived very well, but for some time during the day they can be alone. They need physical activity, long walks and mental stimulation.

NIKO has vaccinations history, castrated microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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