unknown cross –  housetrained – good with children – good with other dogs – good for any family

PAIGE is very friendly, active, joyful and playful girl. Friendly to everyone: adults and kids, dogs, but learned to chaise cats, loves to interact with humans and be nearby. She lower medium size, around 15 kilos, 50 cm height. Not spayed (rescue will contribute forward her spaying).Currently at foster at London, DA7

PAIGE was found abandoned as tiny puppy  in Ukraine in summer 2021. She and her 2 sisters, small, very hungry and helpless puppies were thrown out by someone like a rubbish aside the motorway far from any village. They were lucky not be teared by adult stray dogs or wild animals and to be rescued fast, volunteer by occasionally sported them when was driving
Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances her family asked for urgent rehoming for PAIGE and her bestie ELLIE (see another announcement). We understand that there is no chance to find them home together. So they are for adoption/foster-to-adopt separately.
PAIGE lived with family with 5 kids of different age, some are very small, 2 other dogs, cats and loads of parrots. That’s what her family says about her : ” Paige is a well tempered almost 2 year old girl. She loves a nice long walk and a run around the parks.  She loves children and other dogs but she will chase cats. She’s very energetic and excitable and needs a home that will be able to handle this.”
Paige is currently at Foster and setting very good. That’s what Foster says: ” Paige is a lovely, gentle soul, goes to toilet outside, no aggression to cat or dogs or people at all, very loveable and sweet. We did put parrot tv on for her to help her settle, which it did as she went to sleep.  She is good with everyone, great with other dogs, not pushy or trying to dominate, ignores cat/hamster, very gentle when taking treats, loves cuddles and very affectionate, a bit sensitive to sudden noise (but it’s day one), pulls on lead at first from excitement but calms down, would make a perfect family dog as she  fits in so easily.”
 PAIGE  has no known health issues; Not neutered (rescue will contribute toward her spaying). Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, microchipped.
If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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