POLLY – 6 1/2 months old, puppy girl – Small or Small medium size

POLLY is absolutely adorable PUP. She is very friendly and playful. She is very loving, very curious and smart. Some small cross. Spayed

She loves absolutely everyone.  Currently lives with other dogs, kids and cats

That’s what Foster say about her :

” Polly is very easy dog – cheerful, she love all people, dogs, cats and children, she is also very smart and intelligent pup.”

POLLY was found in with her brother Bill in the field tied up in the bag. The field where volunteer found them is located near a large hypermarket, outside the city, and she went there to shop. She was driving and she just saw a tied sack moving on the side of the road and it immediately became clear what was inside

POLLY is very affectionate and adore to to be near humans. POLLY is very friendly with the other dogs, loves to play. Will definitely benefit from another friendly dog in the house.

POLLY loves kids, but as with adopting of any puppy family should consider carefully, as pups use to play rough with kids, including playful mouthing, chasing, jumping, taking toys off and so on. So we would recommend kids 6+

POLLY will need continue toilet training, she is puppy pad at home and will need to continue lead training. She is young and will need time and patience but she has so much love to give back 💖

POLLY has no known health issues; spayed. Full vaccination pack, provided worms treatment, microchipped. Brucella tested.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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