awesome highly trainable, affectionate, active and joyful, friendly about 2 years old girl. GSD cross. Large size : around 30+ kilos.

She will be an amazing dog with the right family.

PUMA came from Ukraine in December 2021 as a puppyr. She was adopted and is loved to the end of the world but due to her family situation, a very young todler kid and Pumas very active and playful there was taken a hard decision to rehome her. And now she is looking for rehoming again, as landlord didn’t agree to allow a dog.

PUMA is a happy, trustful and affectionate dog. A family for Puma would need to be an active family

That’s what current family says about her: ” She use to live with another dog. And cat and a 1 year old. Then I got her and she’s lived with me and my 4 yr old just fine. She gets on with my sisters dog fine but is barky at other dogs she doesn’t know. As long as she’s introduced properly to them she will be fine. She will get on with other dogs as long as they show her who’s the boss. And she’s introduced to them properly.She’s house trained, crate trained. Will come with everything she needs. She’s in good health.

That’s what her first family was saying  about Puma:
“She is a happy, trustful and affectionate dog.  Puma doesn’t seem to have had a break. She came over in the beginning of December and was decompressing lovely however she came into season in March which was a turmoil for her unfortunately. She became reactive, however a lot of distraction work has taken place and she is getting a lot better. She doesn’t really like small dogs but she loves to play with big dogs and has 2 best friends which are Gsd. She loves Lofty the resident dog but can be too much for him causing stress and changes in behaviour.

PIMA is very communicative and will happily tell you what she wants. She is a sucker for treat work and treating distractions. Puma has a lot of potential for a family who can commit time for further training and lots of patience. A family for Puma would be need to be an active family , she would benefit from someone knowing about Gsd and possibly Mali. Preferably no young children in the house. She loves children however is very jumpy, spacially unaware and she is slowly learning not to take food off young children.
She is an amazing dog, she really is. Loves toys and home comforts. Loves having her neck ribbed it’s her calm down spot.

PUMA has no known health issues; neutered. Full vaccination pack (rabies, DHLPP, kennel cough), provided worms treatment, microchipped, Brucella tested .

If you wish to adopt , please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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