ROSA – 7 month old girl – small-to- medium

ROSA is looking for a loving home with kind and patient humans. She is such a lovely girl, but very shy and unsure at start. We believe she is border collie mix spaniel

ROSA is very very timid and unsure. She needs experienced patient family ready to let her settle and build confidence.

Locatiion Gainsborough DN212LA

She needs everything slowly. She need to have her own space or a crate at start. She also needs to give time to come on her own.

She been at Foster and that’s what they say about her :

” Beautiful Rosa is the most gentle, intelligent, loving and quiet dog. She will make a perfect best friend for someone. She is also a light shedder, which your vacuum cleaner will be happy to hear!
Rosa is shy and nervous and for the first few days she’ll need her space, but will quickly come out of her shell (with the help of some boiled chicken). Once she does get comfortable around you, she’ll love nothing more than getting a fuss and groom from you. She loves her toys and will happily play with them by herself. Rosa needs kind and patient humans. She is currently the only dog in our house but I do think she would benefit from the company of a friendly, non-pushy dog. She does use her puppy pads and goes toilet outside but she will need a bit more support to nail it. She is still getting used to the garden but through positive reinforcement and time she is making good progress and loves to forage bits of chicken I put in the grass/do some zoomies! I am currently doing positive reinforcement around her leash as well.”

ROSA is very timid and quite at home, not destructive. Use toilet in the garden. She is not pushy with other dogs. She get scared of pushy dogs and loud noises. So best to go to quite home with no young kids and super active dogs.

ROSA has no known health issues. She is vaccinated, microchipped. Not spayed due to young age.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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