RUSTY (was FINN) – 8 months old puppy boy – Medium-small size

RUSTY is beautiful puppy boy, currently 39 cm, 9kg. Will not grow much.

RUSTY is an adorable pup, very friendly and playful. He will make a great companion. He is very loving, very curious and smart.

Location: Sutton Coldfield, B75

Great with dogs. Ignores cats. He needs time to get used to new people especially men. But don’t take too long as is very loving pup. We believe a family with another friendly dog will help him a lot.

That’s what current Foster family say about him:

Rusty is a very sweet and affectionate dog who has a lot of potential. He is very shy at first but once he bonds with you he is very loving and licky! He must go to a home with another dog as he is not confident on his own. He loves all women and children but can be wary of men at first. He is very nervous on walks unless he is with another dog. He is absolutely gorgeous and has lots of love to give 💙🐾

Rusty is a bit scared of everyday objects like vacuum cleaners etc so tread initially with gentle movements. I think aside another dog this will not prove an issue. He is potentially going to be the most loyal and loving dog you could ever wish for! but will take time to build his confidence and trust with this.
He is scared of going into a car also which would require many stages of development to build on – however I feel if he was with another dog he wouldn’t think anything of it.
He has a very kind and playful heart and loves children! He is so gentle around them ! and would make an amazing addition to any family !

RUSTY is very affectionate and adore to to be near humans. RUSTY is very friendly with the other dogs, loves to play.

RUSTY loves kids, but future family should consider carefully, as pups takes kids and siblings and will play with them the same way as with other puppies (including mouthing). So we would recommend kids 6+

RUSTY will need continue lead training, almost toilet trained. He is young and will need time and patience to train, but he has so much love to give back 💖

RUSTY has no known health issues; not neutered (early age). Full vaccination pack, provided worms treatment, microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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