RUZHA-female-3 yo- low medium-Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

RUZHA is a tender ginger girl of around 3-3.5 years old. Lower-medium very comfortable size: 50 cm/12 kilos. Spayed. Housetrained.

RUZHA is shy with a new people at the start, so will require little patience and understanding from her new family (we will provide useful tips how to make transition period easier). RUZHA is not really fearful, but need some short time to build trust. But when she will come out of her shell, she is the loveliest personality: loving, affectionate, very much people oriented. RUZHA can travel on the Happy Doggy Bus in February but only if she has a place where to go. Give her a chance.

RUZHA was found by refugees hit by car. They took her to vet clinic and called rescue. People lived in a shelter and were not able to take the dog to look after her. Fortunately, there was nothing serious, all bones were intact and internal organs were not damaged, just few hematomas and disorientation.

RUZHA is good with dogs, but is scared of too active and medium or large. And they feel it and try to hurt her. She tries to tolerate them and escape conflicts. But with pleasure plays with small and young dogs. Tolerates cats. RUZHA probably haven’t seen a lot of good in her life and might have good reasons not to trust humans strait away. But for those whom she will trust, she will be most loyal and loving companion. She would require experienced and quiet home, where she will be allowed to take her time to decompress and come on her own path. And how rewarding will be the life changing result.

RUZHA has no known health issues; spayed, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive C.Brucella laboratory tested.

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