SASHA~7 m.o puppy girl~SMALL SIZE

SASHA is a beautiful, very sweet and VERY human oriented small size puppy girl.

On pictures she looks much bigger, in reality small, most likely Frenchie or Pug cross, just around 30 cm/7 kilos and this is already her adult size.

Based in Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location / sometimes full or part way delivery can be arranged)

SASHA adores humans, both men and women,  while can be shy with new people the first day. Unfortunately, she was terrified by loud and active neighbors kids,  has fear, so we think adult household will suit her the best. She is an adorable pup, very curious, playful.  She has a tender soul and very lovable.

SASHA used to the garden and housetrained, while as always with puppies, some accidents in a house might happen before she will be settled in a new home and learn toileting opportunities there.

SASHA is selectively friendly with the other dogs. Some of them she loves and happy to play with, some of them make her scared and she can be protective. She can guard food or treats from other dogs. So probably best with no other dogs or confident and calm dog, who will not seek communication when she doesn’t wish it.  Not tested for cats.

SASHA used to walk mostly in the garden, needs slow introduction to the outer world.

The ideal match for Sasha will be adult only (or calm kids over 14) active family, who live in quiet place in a house with grassed garden, who have lot of love to give and ready to receive a lot of love back, who have patience and time to continue her socializing and to help puppy Sasha to turn to perfect  adult family dog.

SASHA has no known health issues; not spayed (because of early age, hasn’t been in season yet). Full vaccination pack, microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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