SANDY- 1 yo girl- lower medium- Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

SANDY is a beautiful girl of around 12 months old, who already went through so much tragedy and human betray in her short life. Smallish size, just around 40 cm/10 kilos. Spayed.  Housetrained.

SANDY  is a tender and sensitive soul, full of love to give, but can be shy with new people and will need short time to build trust (we will be happy to provide helpful materials). Loves dogs, tolerate cats. SANDY can travel on the Happy Bus in February but only if she has a place to go (home or committed foster). Give her a chance.

SANDY was found as a small puppy together with her brother in a woods, thrown there by someone , who didn’t wish puppies…They were barely alive, eating leafs and bark. Skin and bones.. And meanwhile both where adopted by two different families in the village. And both families lied about conditions the dogs will live.. When volunteers came to visit SANDY in few months to take her for spaying, they found her chained to rabbits cage. From happy and trustful puppy she turned to skinny scared little being. She never returned there.. Unfortunately it was even worse with her brother.. He was also chained, but trying to get rid of it got hanged..

SANDY has now been at foster for a few months and is back to loving happy dog. But still sometimes shy with new people at start, though keen to build trust fast as she is loving girl and have a lot of love to give. We hope very much there will a family for her, patient and loving, who will allow her a few days to decompress and come out of her shell. SANDY loves the other dogs, but is uncomfortable with too pushy and big ones. SANDY will benefit if there will be the other dog at home, friendly and calm dog, who will help her to rise confidence in a new place faster.  SANDY is active and playful, but nothing too much and able to calm fast. She will be wonderful and loyal companion and forever thankful for a new gifted happy life.

SANDY  has no known health issues; spayed, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive C.Brucella laboratory tested.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary



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