SILMA-female-1.5 years old-smallish medium- Ukraine war dog already in UK

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SILMA is a rejoicing fairly small girl with beutiful character able to bright any home with joy and love. Around 1.5 years old. Located Little Eaton, DE21 5EA

SILMA is a cheerful girl with amazing temperament, who is able to brighten up any home with joy and love. Around 1.5 years old. On pictures looks bigger, in reality is a perfect smallish medium size, just around 40 cm height. She is little overweight now due to high-calorie winter feed to keep dogs warm during the winter and currently is around 15 kilos, while on correct good quality food her ideal weight will be 11-12 kilos. Spayed. Housetrained. Perfect on a lead.

SILMA is currently at Foster and that’s what Foster say about her :” Silma ( known as Elma) she responds well to her name is just a small ( ish) medium dog with ultimately the most massive personality- originally described as ‘ordinary looking’ I would say is incredibly quirky and fabulous. She is sooooo quick to respond to training, responds to high value food treats, toys and human interaction. She is inquisitive, confident in interacting and very loyal and loving. Elma/Silma came with foster sister and has found going from being a dog of many looking after her to a dog of just the two a challenge, she is now top dog and we think she would benefit from being with some older dogs so that she doesn’t have to be as it’s exhausting for her and she needs to be allowed to find her place in the pack where she can leave that role to another dog. Not a bad bone in her body and we absolutely love her but now her and her sister need to go on separate journeys as the passive dog is of course of stress to Elma/Silma and that’s not fair on her. She comes with toys but will welcome more, everyday if possible in this happy little girls new world in the UK. Such a lot of love to give and all topped of with her back sleeping which is adorable beyond belief, quirky bundle of fun who deserves the best. ”

SILMA was left behind on railway station. She patiently was waiting day after day with a hope that her family will come back for her. The railway workers loved her and fed, but it was breaking their hearts to see SILMA sitting and waiting day after day at the same place. And they called the rescue.

SILMA is very cheerful and joyful, mega-positive and very intelligent girl. She is very affectionate and happy to hug every person she meets, looking into the people’s eyes and asking if they possibly can take her home. She is active and playful, same time very much well-balanced and calm nature. She is always smiling and always happy to please her humans, easily trainable as very much focused on a human. SILMA is good with kids. And friendly with other dogs. Tolerate cats, but can be selective. SILMA is an easy dog and will perfectly suit any dog’s lovers family

SILMA has no known health issues; spayed, full vaccination pack, microchipped. Will arrive C.Brucella laboratory tested.

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