SPIKE- small size-7 mo puppy boy- Dachshund cross-Ukraine war dog

🐾 Give A Safe Haven To War Dog from Ukraine 🐾

SPIKE is a cute and cheerful small-sized puppy boy, around 7 months old.  Most likely a Dachshund cross. Together we can change the world for this soul.

  • SIZE: Small (37 cm shoulder height, 7 kg)
  • SPAYED/NEUTERED: No (due to early age; spay/neuter agreement applies)
  • CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Loving, Playful, Friendly, Active, Cheerful
  • DOGS: Good and confident with friendly, playful dogs
  • CATS: Good with cats
  • CHILDREN: Good with children

Rescue Story:

SPIKE and his 5 siblings were found by militaries in a forest close to a combat zone and were evacuated by fearless volunteers along with many other animals. SPIKE was just a small puppy when his whole family was rescued in February 2024 from shelling, starvation, and severe cold. He was one of the few dozens of dogs taken under the care of our partner rescue in Ukraine with a promise to do their best to give them a chance at a better life.

Detailed Information:

SPIKE is a loving, playful, and cheerful puppy who loves to interact with people. He is friendly to everyone he meets. His active and playful nature makes him a perfect companion for families who enjoy outdoor activities and fun. SPIKE loves toys and playing with other dogs, making him a joy to have around. He is good and confident with other friendly and playful dogs, and he also gets along well with cats. He is housetrained and has started leash training, which will need to be continued. SPIKE’s sociable and joyful personality makes him the life of any party, and he is sure to bring happiness to any home.

SPIKE is a delightful puppy who would fit well into any loving family. His playful and friendly nature means he gets along with everyone, making him a joy to have around. With his loving and cheerful personality, SPIKE will bring endless joy and smiles to his new home.

SPIKE is fully healthy. Not neutered due to early age; spay/neuter agreement applies. Has all core vaccines done, microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before the trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate). If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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