STEFFI-12 months old girl-Large-Greek Shepherd x

STEFFI is a highly intelligent young girl.  Large size: around 25kg

STEFFI is a happy, active and affectionate dog. She loves spending time outdoors so best if homed where there is a big garden or lots of secure outdoor space.

Housetrained and lead trained. Sleeps through the night at her dog bed. Can be left for 3 hours with no problems.Location Southport PR8

She is in Foster in UK and that’s what they say about her:

” Steffie loves to run and do zoomies around you. Loves her belly rubs. Steffie is a quiet and calm natured dog at home who will happily chill in her bed between her walks. Out and about Steffie loves other dogs and gets quite excitable when she meets and greets them. She just wants to play but can sometimes be boisterous. Steffi is highly intelligent and needs mental stimulation and exercise, just like any other shepherd dog. She preferably requires someone experienced with shepherd / guarding breeds. Steffie is nervous with strangers and can bark at them if they come too close. Shes also not good with strangers coming into the home so she needs training for this. I am currently working together with a dog behaviourist to help her with this but it is a long process so the new owner must be committed to continue the work in order for her to stay calm and relaxed around strangers. Steffie can’t be homed with cats or other small animals. Although she is fine with dogs outside of the home she shouldn’t be homed with another dog. She should be the only pet in the house. Steffie not to be homed with children as she is strong and boisterous when she gets over excited and also due to having herding breed in her she can nip ankles (and has done in the past). One owner or a couple in a quiet household would suit her best. “

STEFFIE has no known health issues; not yet spayed (we will cover her spay cost) +. Full vaccination pack, provided worms and flea treatment, microchipped, kennel cough.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary
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