TEDDY – MALE – 2 YEARS OLD – Border Collie X Berner Sennenhund- NEUTERED – LARGE

is beaytful Border Collie X Berner Sennenhund (Bernese mountain dog) boy. Large size (around 35 kilos). Neutered.

This is an amazing cross of two adorable breeds, and this is what is said about his leading breed “ Big, powerful the Bernese Mountain Dog is also strikingly beautiful and blessed with a sweet, affectionate nature. Berners are generally placid but are always up for a romp with the owner, whom they live to please.”

TEDDY was brought for rehoming and was taken into Foster family. Foster family has another big dog and cats. They are fully aware of slow introduction and they are trying there best but unfortunately they feel that TEDDY would be so much happier as the only dog with no other animals. He is great with kids and adults just other pets make him so anxious

That’s what current Foster say about him:”

Teddy is a delightful dog. He is loyal, affectionate, and loves his human companions of all ages. Teddy is hand fed all meals as part of his mental stimulation. He is typical of his two breeds. He requires someone with time to continue his training and provide mental stimulation. He would be great at scent work or agility as part of his routine. He does not care much for balls. He will chase but not retrieve. He is smart and is keen to please. He responds well to positive praise and does require reassurance at times. He does not like fast hands, so he will need a slow approach when handling. He will back away or bow down to the floor if you move to quickly.

He is crate trained and will go in there with little coaxing (cheese is the trick). This is his safe space.

He likes to be with his humans at all times and doesn’t like to be shut away. He can be left for a few hours when you need to go out but make sure sides and floor are clear of items and food you dont want him to eat or chew as he loves to shred paper as i found out while on school run lol. I have also caught him on my kitchen table 😅
Teddy is toilet trained and will happily go into the garden alone and will let you know when he wants to come in with a bark and vice versa.
He loves his water and drinks like there is going to be a shortage, he also likes to play with it.
Teddy knows some tricks – spin, in between, down, sit, wait, and paw. He is not fussy who gives the command as long as there is reward.
We are working on the leave as he turns this into a game and he will run away but he then he thinks it is tug time when really all you want to do is remove the item he not supposed to have 😆 no aggression shown.
I have managed to take toys and food away with no problems. He likes a neck and bottom scratch and will lean against you when he wants more.
Teddy does have some training needs and has his quirky ways. Teddy would like to be the only pet in the home. He doesn’t like to share his humans or space with other four-legged friends.
Teddy does have lead reactivity and will lunge and bark at other dogs . If you can get his focus before he fixes on them, you can easily avoid the above. You can do this with food or a game of tug. Timing is everything. He does not like cyclists, and the above applies to them too. He is an anxious boy that needs reassuring and exposing to positive environments. He loves nothing more than a long walk in the woods , hills, across fields. He prefers when there is less people and dogs around.
He never been off lead but has a long line to allow that time to explore. He does have excellent recall so in time this maybe an option , so for now a secure field for a good run or on Lead in public.
Teddy is muzzled trained as a precaution but never used it as his previous owners would avoid busy areas and go to reserves where there Is plenty of space.
He will need an active home where he will get lots of stimulation and chance to explore and be Ted.
Teddy is strong and will need a strong confident handler.
I would say he is dog selective aggression as he has been out on walks with other dogs and not been bothered by them but will snap if they get in his space. You can walk with calm dogs in parallel with him but he does not care for play. So if you enjoy a hike with a friend and a dog after careful intros you can walk with them but don’t let him meet dog head on as this causes him to react.
Overall, Teddy will make a great companion and addition to a family household. I would recommend a family with children 5+ due to his size and for them to understand that dogs need to be left alone when sleeping and eating.”
Unfortunately his original family had to make hard decision to rehome him, they are absolutely heartbroken and want to make sure he goes to a great family that’s why asked us for a support. His family loves him and it is clear from the below detailed description they provided. This is what they say about TEDDY:
“Teddy loves all people and enjoys a scratch or a cuddle. He has grown up alongside owner’s niece and nephew and is good with kids (just a playful BIG pup)! He has been socialised around family member’s and friend’s dogs. He has stayed with dogs for weekends in the home and enjoys to play, chase and wrestle when appropriate. He can be quite vocal during play but never had an issue with any encounters although may be “too much” for dogs who are nervous/enjoy their own space. Due to contracting parvovirus from his breeder at a young age, Teddy missed out on the key “socialisation period” and as a result is lead reactive (frustration based) this means he tends to bark when on lead and pull toward dogs if they are too close. He has been in training for this and has made amazing progress in closing his threshold. Teddy has been on many adventures around the UK and loves hiking, exploring new places and splashing in the sea. He has never been tested with cats but does bark when he sees them on lead. He is such a loveable and friendly character but needs a patient home who can continue his training.
Teddy needs to be urgently rehomed due to a huge change in our personal lives. Following the death of a close family member, financial struggles due to increase in mortgage and bills and having to work longer hours at work, Teddy is no longer getting the time and freedom he deserves. He is home alone for a significant part of the day and although we know he is an amazing companion, we have made this decision with his best interests at heart. Over the last year, Teddy has settled in the home, grown out of any “chewing phases” he had as a pup and will settle easily as long as all of his needs have been met.
He has 3 short walks a day with recall training and structured mental stimulation sessions on an evening. He knows lots of tricks eg sit, down, paw, spin, in-between, wait and leave. On walks he can be giddy to begin, especially in new, unfamiliar places but can walk at heal and has lots of engagement with his handler. We use positive reinforcement alongside his training and he is handfed all meals during walks.
Currently, Teddy eats AVA (pets at home brand) this is because after recovering from parvo virus, he had a sensitive tummy. This food worked well for him and therefore we kept it. He loves raw chews such as bully braids, cow skin etc. Teddy is full of life and energy but adjusts well to changes in routine (our shifts rotate from night shifts to early).
Teddy travels well in the car and is fully housetrained. Teddy is crated during the day but has a lunch time walk and play session. However, at night he is free to sleep in our living room (he loves the sofa) and sleeps through the night, often not waking up until we go downstairs! He does have FOMO when crated while people are around and may whine but usually sleeps well.
Teddy is fine being handled when he has developed a bond, we are able to touch his paws, in his mouth and ears. We have used a gromer since he was puppy who has had no issues trimming his claws, cleaning his ears, washing him, blow-drying or brushing him. “
TEDDY has no known health issues and is castrated, vaccinated, microchipped and provided with worm and flee treatments.

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