TYSON >1 y.o


smart, curious and friendly about 15 months old boy. Neutered. Medium size : 52cm/ 20 kilos.

LOCATION : Lincoln, LN6

Unfortunately current family believe they are not the best match for him.

That’s what they say:
” Tyson has so much love to give. He needs a home where he’ll either be the only dog and is given plenty of exercise (atleast 1 hour a day) or I think he’d be fine in another household with other dogs where he knows his place in the pecking order.

He is clearly a very smart dog and knows sit, down (lie down), spin, middle (through legs) and both (both paws on your arm) however he does have behavioural issues in the house and will try steal and destroy anything he can and telling him to leave is hit and miss. Wouldn’t recommend a household with cats.

Not trained to walk off leash and walks ok on a lead .

Can be wary of new men coming into house but after 5/10 mins he is fine and has never gone for anyone or bit anyone etc. doesn’t quite understand how big he is so have to watch out for his paws.

He likes to dig in the garden and can be stealing stones/pebbles.
He is crate trained as well to go in during day if needs be and sleeps in during night but does love to sleep on bed or sofas.
Can’t have soft toys as rips to shreds but loves his coffee sticks and nyla bones.”

🐶 TYSON is still young and would benefit of puppy school, as he is very clever and loves learning. He can jump and play too active so not recommend to families with young kids.

🐶 TYSON has no known health issues; neutered. Full vaccination pack (rabies, DHLPP), microchipped.

If you wish to adopt , please fill online Preadoption Questionary

If you can offer fostering, please get in touch with us on pawhelpuk@gmail.com



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