URGENT: UK surrender: DIESEL – 2 year old boy – Upper-Medium size


Somebody can be very lucky to have him as a family member. He is very clever, loyal, loving and obedient, fully housetrained, great in a car.


DIESEL is a stunning, calm (when settles), and loving young GSD boy around 2 years old. He is crate trained and super smart. This handsome lad is friendly with all people and is eager to find the right family to call his own. DIESEL is ready to join his new home as soon as possible.

SIZE: Medium-to-Large, the average GSD size
SPAYED/NEUTERED: No (will need castration, rescue will cover cost)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Calm at home, Playful, Loving, Smart
DOGS: No dogs, or confident experience with slow introductions and ample space
CATS: No cats
CHILDREN: Older kids 14+ (due to his size and playfulness)

DIESEL came to our rescue in February after a desperate phone call from a man facing homelessness. The man had contacted over 30 rescues and charities without success. He was ready to abandon DIESEL on the street that very day. DIESEL was in risk and we took DIESEL into our care and soon were lucky to find a family, who agreed to take him. Unfortunately, this family can no longer provide for his needs, so we are urgently seeking a new home for him.

DIESEL is a wonderful, loving dog who adores human company. He is crate trained, very smart, and always eager to please. He enjoys long walks and playing with his toys. However, he does need some lead training as he pulls on the lead.



๐ŸŒŸ NO OTHER DOGS, unless you have experience in slow introductions and plenty of space. DIESEL is not aggressive with dogs but gets stressed and needs a few days to adjust with wise human management. We will provide materials and guidance for this process.

๐ŸŒŸ NO YOUNG KIDS: DIESEL is not aggressive, but he is big and can be stressed when arrive in a new home. He needs an environment where he won’t be overwhelmed by young loud and active kids. Every time we stress that adults should teach kids and always monitor and manage interaction kids-dog. ย We just can’t take responsibility for how adults will be managing interactions between kids and dogs, so better older kids 14+.

๐ŸŒŸ DIESEL is young and active. Needs time for walks. Did you know that training is one of the best ways to build and strengthen bonds with a dog? DIESEL will greatly benefit if ย someone can dedicate just 15-20 minutes a day to his ongoing training, such as agility exercises or teaching different commands with fun and treats. DIESEL is smart and needs to engage his intelligence and in result will remain well balanced and calm.

DIESEL is an amazing boy who deserves a loving and understanding home. He would thrive in a stable environment with experienced dog owners who can help him feel safe and secure. With the right family, DIESEL will bring endless joy and companionship.

DIESEL is in good health. He is microchipped, but will need to be castrated and re-vaccinated, which the rescue will cover.

This is what his current family says about him:

“Diesel is such a lovely lad who loves lots of fuss and affection. Heโ€™s well-behaved and always happy to go for a nice long walk. He does need a bit of lead training as he will pull a bit, but if you pull him back and tell him to heel, he does so and stays by your side. Heโ€™s full of love and loves being stroked. He will make someone very happy.

He wakes up about 7 am, goes out for a wee, then has his breakfast. Half an hour after breakfast, he goes for a long walk. He goes for another walk in the afternoon. At tea time, he has his dinner and then goes for a quick walk about 10 pm before bed. He loves his toys and likes to play tug. He loves open spaces.

He needs an adult-only family as he can be too boisterous for children. He seems to like men best. He’s a bit challenging on the lead as he pulls a lot. He can be a lovely dog, but has become overly protective of my husband and doesn’t like me getting close to him.ย  He also better not be left alone as he has some separation worries.”


Let’s find DIESEL the loving family he deserves. If you think you could be the right match, please get in touch.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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