VERY URGENT AND OVERLOOKED: HOLLY – beautiful soul is in kennels- UK surrender- GIVE HER A CHANCE

HOLLY is very much people loving, great with kids, she is still playful and active. No cats. Housetrained.

HOLLY is very much loyal,  affectionate, likes kissing and cuddles.

Location: Based in Midlands, available for adoption over UK (collection from location / sometimes full or part way delivery can be arranged)

HOLLY been adopted 3 years ago unfortunately due to heavy personal circumstances and poor health, family is really struggling with her.

HOLLY has reactivity to the other dogs and need a lot of time to exercise.

That’s what her family say about her:

Holly is playful but won’t play fetch for long, maybe 3 or 4 goes. she likes to play with her teddies on her own, ragging them around. They will fly about and have been known to go over the fence when she’s flicking it about. They don’t last long with her growling while she plays, but as soon as she any stuffing poking out, they will be emptied. She will let me take her toy, but she doesnt drop it. She just lets go after a while of me not letting go. She is always growling and grumbling when she plays and likes to put her toys or the antler chews on the floor and then roll her back all over them. She will play find it for treats at home, so she sits and ‘waits’ in the kitchen and we go hide a treat in another room and when shes told she will go and sniff it out. she will do sit, lie down, paw, other one, both, stand, leave it (for a short while). so I know she is clever, but she is a completely different animal when we go out. She is so high and anxious energy, I can’t match what she needs. I simply cant get her attention when we are out. No treats, toys, whistles, electric buzzing devices, clickers…. nothing works when we go out. if she didn’t try and escape and could run about, she would maybe tire some of the anxiety out of her. but I physically can’t, the kids definitely can’t, walk her on lead with her tugging everywhere for the hours she would need to walk before she felt calmer. She loves to snuggle, but when visitors come around she can be bullying for attention and will howl and whine of she is made to sit down and not climb on guests. She is very loud when anyone comes to the door or in. She jumps a lot, but if I can get her to hear me over her own noise, I’ll tell her to get her toy, then she stays feet on the ground and just grumble talks through her toy, instead of barking and howling. She will bark if anyone hugs or makes physical contact in front of her. She eats through leads if she’s made to sit while we are out. She has a long lead for in the garden and she hasn’t ever tried to chew through that. But she chewed through the seat belt last time she was taken out in the car too.
As well as all meat (obviously) Holly likes frozen peas and bananas for treats. She prefers rain water to tap water. She can hold toilet in for up to 36 hours if she doesn’t want to go out in the rain. She loves being in the sunshine.
She is scared of bangs/clicks. She never has liked fireworks, but I have had to ban my son from playing with nerf guns and the other day she got panicked when I stabbed the film lid on a microwave meal.
She sleep downstairs in the lounge at night. She is meant to be in her bed, but I will hear her climb off the sofa in the morning when she hears my coming down the stairs.
She eats tescos own brand adult dry mix (prefers the chicken) with tescos own gravy pouches. She doesn’t like the jelly ones. And she will pick out any that she doesn’t think have enough gravy on them to start with. She gets fed at 5:30, but she doesn’t usually finish her bowl until around lunchtime next day. It’s just how she does it 💁🏻‍♀
She won’t bother with chews or treats or filled kongs if I leave them with her when I (used to) go out. She wouldn’t touch them until I got back.
If someone hold her ears and talks so she can’t hear the noise, she is ok having her nails trimmed. And she will go in the bath, but looks utterly miserable while she is, but doesn’t fight it.

HOLLY needs physical and mental stimulation. She is not bad dog but need training and need correct environment.

HOLLY hasn’t any known health issues. Neutered. Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided tapeworms treatment, microchipped.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary


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