WAFFLE is a beautifull Spaniel (or spaniel cross) puppy boy

Very friendly, curious, affectionate and active

WAFFLE is 10 months old now, was brought by family from a breeder as 8 week old pup, and all was going well, but unfortunately very heavy circumstances don’t allow family to look after him as he deserves, simply no time and no possibility to meet the needs of this active teenager.

WAFFLE needs someone with time and experience with young active dogs.  He has zero aggression.  He loves kids but will best suit with a bit older 7+ as often is too active and sometimes possessive with his toys when small kids try to take them away from him..

WAFFLE loves the other dogs, but getting overexcited doesn’t understand the boundaries and sometimes is too pushy and wanting to play all the time, when the other dogs get enough. He doesn’t like to be left on his own.

WAFFLE has no known health issues, microchipped. Up to date with vaccinations and worms/fleas treatment. Not castrated due to young age.

If you wish to adopt or foster-to-adopt, please fill online Preadoption Questionary

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